Going Green

I'm all about taking care of our Earth.

I don't throw trash out my car window......unless it is a half-eaten poptart (but that feeds birds, rodents, and stray dogs, so I've cleared it with my conscience).

I turn off lights when I leave a room.....unless I forget.

I don't drink bottled water.....of course, I don't drink water at all.....makes me nauseous.

And remember these? Nothing says lovin' the Earth like wearing it in your britches.

So, although I haven't duck taped myself to any trees lately, I feel like I'm contributing to the future of our planet. Never mind the bazillion disposable diapers and pull-ups we've contributed to landfills in the past 8 years, and the millions of gallons of water that we've wasted because someone forgot to turn the water off when they were brushing their teeth before bed (I won't name names, but their initials are SAWYER).

So you can imagine the joy my superbly global-aware heart had when I witnessed this:

That's right. Aluminum Can Bowling.

Wonderfully recyclicious. Marvelously redneck. Because we roll like that.

Somewhere in a plug-in car, Al Gore is smiling.


Mich said...

Fun! thanks for making me giggle!

See you Monday at mom's.

Libby said...

you are too funny!

Kendra said...

And you're economical consuming only generic sodas. You're two in one!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Keep up the great job!!! :)

Hey...I haven't commented on your previous post about Sawyer's b'day yet...I have a lot to say on that matter...I'm struggling with Abbey's b'day too...more later...when I get caught up with all the stuff I'm behind on.

Jim said...

You can help me by saving some unmashed, with top with tabs attached, aluminum cans. I've a project that takes about 20 of them to make. And all the same type. Just a thought.
See you Monday.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

That Al Gore comment? Totally just cracked me up. :) I have no doubt that he is beaming like a proud papa.

There's nothing wrong with a little redneck entertainment. :)