I Bought Crush Cups...I've Lost My Mind

Still sick with the plague.


Luckily, we stopped by The Good Doctor's this morning, and he fixed us all up with meds. He also giggled and said I had a good cough medicine when I pulled out the one with codeine in it that I had brought from home. Gotta love a doctor who agrees with sleeping kids!!! :)

We headed to the store to pick up our prescriptions and, of course, had time to do other shopping. This is always dangerous for me. I end up buying the craziest stuff while I'm waiting for medicine to get filled. Why is that?

We came home with 4 different types of ice cream, 3 types of yogurt (including those nifty Crush Cups which the boys have been begging for thanks to the commercial), and 2 types of sodas that we NEVER buy. I'm a sucker for sick kids....I turn to mush when they are all pitiful and sad-faced.

Because the boys were sleepy and lazy this afternoon, I caught a 4 hour nap. I don't think I've had a 4 hour nap since....well, ever. It was pretty amazing. The only un-amazing part was that Tate got ahold of a pink Sharpie while I was snoozing and gave himself some pretty swanky tatoos. Guess you are never too sick for a tatoo.

On a totally unrelated note....can I tell you how excited I am about the start of Dancing With the Stars tonight? Hoping that this won't involve quite as much drama as The Bachelor did on my Monday nights! But, I did hear a little rumor that Melissa is supposed to be coming on DWTS!!

Could it be? Be still my heart!!


Carpoolqueen said...

My kids are on spring break. Currenly in my freezer you will find: pancakes on a stick, eggo swirlz with the icing baked inside, hot pockets, and Totino pizza rolls. In the fridge, I have the same crush cups. The kids say they rock.

I swear I make them eat a vegetable once a day.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How funny! I hope everyone is feeling better after being indulged at the grocery store??!!!! ;)

We ARE SO READY for DWTS tonight. Getting ready to watch it in a little bit.

Alison said...

Wow...a 4 hour nap. How did 3 sick kids let you get away with that one??

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I love DWTS, and I was excited Melissa was going to be on! Did you like her? I thought she did a really good job, especially considering she didn't have much time to practice. Although - she WAS a DCC, so I suppose that should count for something, right? :)