CRAZY -- Day 1

I think I must have misled a few of my readers. Let me take this moment to clarify "girly vacation" does not include a fabulous spa retreat with my best girlfriends, nor does it include all the weird things that Mr. Creepy who googled "topless girly vacations" and found my blog must be thinking about.
A "girly vacation" just means going on vacation....with another mom. All kids. No dads.

Will now be referring to said vacation as "Crazy."

So yesterday was the first day of Crazy. I haven't met up with my bff Stephanie yet, but that didn't mean that Day 1 wasn't eventful and full.

It started out with grand plans of leaving my house in immaculate order before I left. Because everyone loves coming home to a clean house. Didn't quite work out the way I planned. Could be because my house is never....clean. When I get home there will be laundry all over the kitchen table (because that's where I folded it) and 3 cereal bowls encrusted with Fruity Pebbles. Loverly.

I was well on my way to town to run a few errands when I remembered I hadn't fed the dog. Dad gum it. I also remembered that we didn't have dog food. Nothin' says lovin' a big furry mutt like running to the store when you are already late to buy a big $17 bag of "Rex" (because that is all the hole-in-the-wall sells). Crazy dog.

Finally off. I settled into the driver's seat and punched the button on my CD player to start up my traveling music...sweet Taylor Swift gets me where I need to go. CD player = empty. Nothin' says grouchy driver like no Taylor Swift. So I resorted to listening to all 3 boys sing 3 different songs along to their Mp3 players....the WHOLE way. It was an eclectic mix of Nickleback, High School Musical, and the Jonas Brothers....all off-key. All with the wrong words. Amazing. Still looking for my sanity among the month old french fries that decorate my van floor.

We stayed at my mom's last night. One....because I love to see my mama and daddy. Two...because their house is on the way to Crazy.

Sawyer had a little birthday party....because his grandma DID NOT forget his birthday.

And he got this. Is it terrible that I'm more excited about this present than he is?

I got to eat my mama's mashed potatoes, and my sister and I fork-fought for the last scoop in the bowl. Good times. Even though she won.

And then, bliss of all bliss, I settled in for an evening with the Cullens. Only on the screen this time. My niece, Kayla, had been tortured by her mom all day....she HAD to wait to watch her new copy of Twilight until her Auntie Amb got there. Poor girl. No one should have to endure such torment.

But, when the time came....I was giddy with all kinds of excitement. And so was she!! Let me just tell you....those Cullens make me happy. The books are SO much better than the movie, but my heart went pitter patter through the whole thing! My only problem is that Edward is a lot cuter in my head. I was about lynch mobbed by my niece for uttering such blasphemy, but I'm just thinking this guy would have been more up my alley for the picture of perfection!

And so ended Day 1 of Crazy.

Today I meet up with Stephanie, and the real fun ensues. Let me clarify again.....I'm heading on Crazy. Two moms. Five kids. No dads. C.R.A.Z.Y.

If I'm still alive at the end of it all....I'll let you know how it goes!


Kristin said...

I am considering a crazy trip with the boys by myself soon as well. Maybe not the baby...but the older two.

I'll wait and hear all about how your crazy goes before I embark on my own.

Good luck!

Carpoolqueen said...

McDreamy....looks almost as good as your mama's mashed potatoes....

And I know Crazy. Every summer I take the kids for three weeks by myself and drive 3,000 miles somewhere. This summer I'm thinking Mt. Rushmore, but since it's north of the Mason Dixon line, I'm thinking of enlisting my husband.

Because I'm not THAT crazy.

lifesgoodstuff said...

It sounds like you have already had a fun and eventful start to your getaway!! BTW I sat up a new blog: http://www.lifesgoodstuff.blogspot.com

Kendra said...

I'm thinking a better name may be the "insanecation". Good luck with that. Heavy drugs may help. For you or the kids, whichever works.

I'm with you. Someone cueter as Edward would have been good. And better actors! But still, I've seen it 6 times since I bought it Saturday. I blame my DVR breaking, not that I really wanted to see it that much.

sprocket said...
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Anonymous said...

I read most of the Twilight books but didn't watch the movie because they picked the wrong Edward. I really hate when I read a book that is later made into a movie and they pick the wrong characters.

Mich said...

Ok, first of all "I'm glad you got to see me this week!!!" :) Second, I'm totally jealous of your little "road trip" because I seriously thought I was you "next reality show buddy!!!" :) I think our road trips out rank this one because you are missing the dog in the mix...ahhh! Good times!
Third, you and Kayla still don't have me totally sold on Twilight...now maybe if McDreamy was on there...

Seriously, love ya! Have a great Spring break trip! You deserve it!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That Carpoolqueen is funny. Her comment made me chuckle.

Are you sure you didn't ask your mom to buy that movie for your son (HSM3) so YOU could own a copy? I wouldn't know anything about that, and I've surely never done it. (hee hee)

Stephanie told me that I'd have MORE FUN with you guys than I would in Seattle. I'm quite certain she's wrong about that. Ya'll are crazy...but in a good way, friend. Hope you have fun.

buscher3 said...

So what's all this about Mr. Creepy? Did he message you or something?? Yikes...

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

That's a whole lotta CRAZY - but so fun!

Those mashed potatoes are calling my name - my absolute favorite food, and these look DIVINE.