Not So Therapeutic This Time

Some people blog to record family memories.
Some people blog to share devotions or other inspirational writings or thoughts.
Some people blog just to be funny.
Some people blog to be thinky.
Some people blog for therapy.
And other people blog for whatever other reason there is to blog.


I happen to blog for therapy.  Some people call it journaling.  But I like the word "therapy."  Because only people who have it altogether have time to "journal."  People like me need therapy.  And lots of it.

But every once in awhile when I'm not trudging through the trenches bemoaning my lot in life as the only estrogen bearing member of my family, I do see the need to plaster a few good pictures of what our family has been up to, just for the sake of all you people seeing why it is I have gray hair my children having a precious record of their little lives.

So here we go.....

For starters, we endured the underworld that is the spring soccer season.  I will tell you that I'm not a huge fan of soccer anyway, but I tend to err on the side of tolerant when it's in the fall.  But stick me on the sidelines of a soccer game in the spring and you might as well rip my fingernails out with rusty pliers.  It is all I can do to not say ugly words.  You think I'm kidding. 

Arkansas finally decided to get with the program and put on its Spring face.  The sunshine gave us permission to wear flip flops and get sunburns.  And like the excellent mother that I am, I forgot to slather the babies in sunscreen.  But I made up for the massive blistering slight rosy glow on their cheeks by making them do schoolwork.  Because every good mom makes their kids do their school work (ahem.).  Although I did sweeten the deal by taking school to the lake....because even fractions are semi-fun in the sun. 

March brought Sawyer a birthday.  And it also brought me my chance to make another birthday cake for one of the kids.  Since I rebel against the birthday party, I try to resolve the matter in my head by pretending that I'm on that Ace of Cakes show.  Um...I'm so not on that show.  Because Sawyer's Bionicle cake ended up looking more like Wilson the Volleyball on fire than the helmet of the "fireguy." But, whatev.  It was Wilson in buttercream...so it's all good.

We headed north to hang with Jim-Dad and Grammy for a couple of days.  Jim-Dad's church was putting on a production of The Living Lord's Supper (the story of the Last Supper with the spin of da Vinci's painting).  We wanted to be there to support Jim-Dad, and I'm so glad that we went!  They really did an amazing job.

Doesn't Jesus' hair look lovely?  I think it is marvelous.  But I will have you know that the devil was against Jesus having beautiful tresses for the production.  I know because I spent most of the morning prior trying to tame the frizz of the Master's do.  And every good wig stylist needs a wig holder...

Snicker. Snort.

We did some egg hunting and egg dyeing....

Oh shoot.  I can't even focus long enough to post the rest of the Easter recap -- that picture of the husband channeling Led Zeppelin just threw me right off track.

Maybe I can regain my composure later. 

Right now...still just a'chucklin'.

That's all.


Tiffani said...


I am CRACKING UP because I thought "that looks like something" and then you nailed it! or iced it!

Nice catch up post, my dear and I love Keaton's "school at the park" pic...so serious.

LOVE the Last Supper and Jesus' do was something Paul Mitchell himself would be proud of!

Mich said...

Giggle...Still laughing out loud over Kirk and the wig.

Loved seeing you! Hope you had a great time at the baseball field and a beautiful Easter.

love ya!

Kendra said...

I am totally cracking up at the cake because it so looks like Wilson on fire! As long as it was tasty all is good!

The Bowden's said...

Your posts crack me up! Definitely much-needed therapy.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

i know you're seeking therapy here, but i must say i'm in love with the quilt and the zebra blanket. i think your therapy is good therapy for me too. enjoyed the laugh. and the next time i was feeling rotten or someone accused me of being rotten: i'd smile and say "whatever I did Jesus' hair." way to go hairdresser!

Bridget said...

Great pictures of your week!
Giggling about the pictures of Jesus' hair :D

Carpool Queen said...

Thank you for supplying Wilson's name. I was searching, searching for what it reminded me of and VOILA! there it was.

I would totally love to outsource my cake decorating to you. I'll swap you for days at the lake.

Unknown said...

Loved all the pictures, but I have to say that the pic of you doing Jesus' hair on your gracious model made me laugh out loud!!

Just too funny...

looks like your Easter weekend was fantastic!

Gretchen said...

First I busted out with a laugh about Wilson.
But Jesus made me snort (now there's a sentence I've never written).

We NEED to live closer. School outside is my kind of day. Fractions by the lake... even better.
(Do you use Horizons math? the book looks familiar)

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...


I'm with Tiff, I was looking at the pic thinking, "That looks like somebody I know..." Then when I realized it was Wilson I nearly peed myself.

And Kirk in that wig...well, that was just, um, icing on the cake so to speak!

Gretchen said...

Words just fail me. :) Lurved your pics, Amber, especially of the lake/school. What a fab field trip.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Amber. I loved the peek into your life. blessings!

Angie said...

Thanks to you and the 80's hair band escapee!! I so needed a good laugh!
Love you bunches. So sorry we missed you in H. We did get to say 'HI' to Jim-dad and Grammy.

whimzie said...

First of all, I'm very impressed with your cake skills. That said, WILSON?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It does! It does!!

And Kirk sporting the Jesus hair?

I'm starring this to come back and read on blue days when I need a laugh.