Carsick Much?

Are you a carsicker person?  Because I tend to be.  It actually depends on who's driving, but I'm not going to get into calling people out on their driving skilz, so we'll just say that SOME people make me totally and absurdly sick.  And I actually think that I'm one of the people that make people sick, because I'm a self-professed bad driver.  I just want to get where I'm going...and if I have to take a curve slightly too sharp, then so be it. 

There's your PSA for the day.  Don't ride with me.  You're welcome.

And in keeping with the theme for the day, this post also is most assuredly going to give you the queaves and quakes in the tummiculur region.  My sincerest apologies....but buck up, take a Dramamine, and hang on...

First curve in the road:   Endure looking at my family's Easter pictures.

Now sharp rightLook at the eggs we dyed.

Slam on the brakes at a stoplight:  Look at my kids showing off the eggs they found in the hunt.

While you're waiting at the stoplightPonder that the oldest kid looks less than thrilled to be alive that day, let alone about having his picture made.

Green means "Go."  Foot on the gas:  Look what I've been eating.  But don't tell my bootcamp trainers.  They're scary.

Big turn ahead.  Brace yourself:  Look what I've been reading.

Hang on.  Going around curve on two wheelsListen to me tell you that that book is probably the funniest thing I have ever read.  Ever.  Ever ever ever.  But only read it if you are okay with making fun of yourself.  If you aren't....then pretend like I never said anything.  (Go here to read Jon Acuff's blog...just as funny as the book!)

Screeching halt.  Random vermin in the road.  And our car doesn't look good dressed in vermin:  Listen to me tell you who my top pick for American Idol is.  Yep.  It's Lee.  I likey him very muchly.

Big dog-ear turn to the leftYou mentioned a trainer?  Yep.  I'm in this crazy outdoor bootcamp that I joined during a momentary lapse in sanity.  I now have my own Jillian and Bob.  And I'm eating stuff that resembles horse food....because they told me to. 

What?  Wanting to throw yourself from this moving vehicle?  I don't blame you.  Go ahead jump.  But if you do, you'd miss this:

That's right.  Another look as the husband modeling the Savior of the World's hair.   

That never gets old.


That's all.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm sorry to brag, but my husband has better Jesus hair.


And is that Kashi cereal aka horsefood you're eating? GAG.

Your Easter pics are beautiful, and I really want to read that book! His blog is hysterical.

Kendra said...

Yeah, John's Jesus hair is at least real.

I sneak-hide candy, too. And consume it after going to the gym. Because it zeros out and doesn't count!

I knew you'd root for Lee. Because he is what would happen if Danny Gokey and Kris Allen had a love child together. Cute guitar playing boy with a soulful man voice.

I have got to read that book. I've heard lots of funny things about it. My brother gave me one last year called "Good Christian B*tch3$" but it's really a book that pokes fun at Christians written by one. Good stuff. Crazy title.

Kendra said...

Oh, and don't diss my Kashi cereal! I love that stuff. And Fiber One cereal. Because though it may resemble food from the trough, it's quite tasty and you can eat more of it for less calories!

Gretchen said...

I do get carsick, so I have to ride in the front all.the.time. Even as a teen, my mom had to ride in the back on curvy roads. Sacrificial love of a mother has many faces.

Your family easter pic is adorable.
I've read Acuff's blog and it makes me laugh-out-loud!

How did Jesus' hair affect your sons' psychological state? Just wonderin'

Bridget said...

HEHE!! Mmmmkay, you drive like my husband (nope, I'm not afraid to call his bad driving skillz out...)

Love the family Easter picture and the boys showing off their baskets of eggs they found during the hunt! Looks like everyone had fun!

Carpool Queen said...

I have tried to eat Kashi on three different occasions and I just.cannot.do.it.

Tiffani said...

*heaves head out window*

ok, whoosh, wild ride there, bestie. ;)

but soo funny, i swear, you make me laugh. i'll flat out say it's my husband that makes me sick when he drives...it's awful!

Can't wait to get that book! Can't wait to see you!! Can't. Can't. Can't!

Cathy said...

Snicker. Hair. Snort.

I MUST read that book!! Awkward side hugs are hilarious!!!!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I think I have whiplash.

But that's ok, I'll ride with you anytime. (Remind me to tell you what I accidentally typed here and almost hit enter. Could have been awkward.)

Unknown said...

I never get carsick.

I loved your family photos.

I love Reese's Eggs.

I love Kashi Good Friends and its Trader Joe's generic called Twigs, Nuts, and Clusters.

As a matter of fact, I love all kashi stuff.

And, i love being caught up on your blog!

Happy Saturday!

Gretchen said...

What a great post! I see Keaton has his daddy's smile. :) Super pics of everyone, and lurve the driving idea. We are kindred drivers, too, m'lurve. Reeses and I are frenemies now. I need to lose a few pounds based on their consumption, post haste.