Testing Schmesting

Standardized testing.


The thorn in the side of any educator.  Whether you work in the conventional school setting or teach at home, it all boils down to this.  Or so they would tell you.  Although I still haven't figured out who THEY are...but THEY sound scary enough.

The test that reflects what your students know.  What they have absorbed.  Whether you did your job as their teacher or not.

Oh, sure...it's supposed to be a reflection on the student.  Of their level.  Of their abilities. 


We all know it's really a test of the teacher.  Did you teach fractions efficiently?  Did you cram in enough new vocabulary words to increase the student's climb up that percentile ladder?  Did you review how to properly fill in an answer bubble sheet enough?  Perhaps you should have studied up on tried and true "guessing" methods and passed the priceless knowledge on to your pupils.  Maybe. Perhaps.  I wonder.

Today Keaton took the test that reflects my ability to do this home-schooling thing.

His answer when I asked him how he thought he did?

"I think I failed."


(Please hear me:  I do understand that the evidence of my children's academic successes are not held entirely in the palms of these tests.  I really do.  But I also can make myself believe that a piece of chocolate cake is a health food.  I'm American.  It's what we do.  But there is just something terrifying about ONE test that holds this grasp of culmination on  your entire effort at something incredibly hard.  And don't pretend like you wouldn't feel the same way....because you know you would!  And if you wouldn't...then eat all the chocolate cake you want...because you're perfect.)


Mandy said...

I have no idea what an "answer bubble sheet is". I'm in trouble.

Emily said...

Ugh.. welcome to the world of teaching. I could go on and on, but I won't. But I feel your pain.

Mich said...

The kids have their BENCHMARK testing next week... say a prayer for us.

Bridget said...

Kyle always does so much better on the standardized testing than his regular class work because it is so structured and there are much less distractions...

Angie said...

Praise God!! Because of all our moving, we slipped through the cracks and were saved the headache of those 'standardized' tests! I should be so lucky with every move!
Love ya!

Angie said...

Praise God!! Because of all our moving, we slipped through the cracks and were saved the headache of those 'standardized' tests! I should be so lucky with every move!
Love ya!

Angie said...
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Angie said...

Ok Amber, we're still on Vacation, and this hotel wi-fi hates me! It's stuck in permanent stutter mode. Sorry for the repeats.

Jim said...

I'm sure "you" did ok! I know you've a little of your mom's streak of perfection wondering around inside so I know it bubbles at times. Hang in there. You will graduate, or should I say, they will graduate?

Love you,

Jessica said...

If it makes you feel any better, I started testing last week and will continue till till the end of the month. ELDA (English Language Development Assessment) began last week, so all the ESL kiddos have been testing for hours upon hours already before they take their MATs, SATs, and Benchmarks. And I get to administer ALL.OF.THEM. I'm consoling myself over a bag of animal crackers. Because I'm out of "health food."

Unknown said...

We start our testing next week.

And although i am acting all cool and collected on the outside....on the inside I am feeling jittery.

I am ready for next week to be DONE!

Unknown said...

I. feel. your. pain.
I postponed our testing until as late in the year as possible: may 19th

It's like a large dark cloud hanging in the near distant and I'm holding a big metal pole.

It is totally a test of my ability to teach, and not my children's ability to learn. Fer realz.

Tiffani said...

of course, the tests we love to hate...

"they just aren't necessarily accurate and we can't use that as the only judgement for how well our kids know their stuff" (I find myself saying)

and then receive the scores

"HE'S A GENIUS..these things are soo spot-on!"

ha! I'm glad that both of ours are over and there is an end to the school year in sight and CONFERENCE TIME!!

Gretchen said...

Feeling for ya. And I have two kids who are great students and nasty-bad standardized test takers. Yeah, they didn't get it from their father.