Singing the Blues

I think BLUE gets a bad rap.

Whenever I hear the word BLUE, my mind always shifts to elderly African American men sitting on slat-back chairs, wearing dark glasses, plucking away at loved-on guitars, and bemoaning the loss of love, liquor, and cash. 

Or I think about BLUE suede shoes.  And I don't care if you are the King of Rock, there is nothing okay about leather shoes that sport one of the colors of the rainbow.

Then there is the phrase, "I'm feeling BLUE."  Well, that's just sad. 

And remember Violet Beauregarde?  She was turned into a BLUEberry....not cool. 

"Once in a BLUE moon."  Now that one doesn't sound horrid, except for that it means that something hardly ever happens.  And for a creature of habit like me (or someone who just wants lots of something I like *wink*), then hardly-ever-happening is rather depressing.

And what about poor Eeyore?  Notice that they didn't make the poor, sad, woe-is-me equine yellow.  Or red.  Or even black.  Oh, no...poor fellar is BLUE.

My grandma used to say that I could "talk a BLUE streak."  That didn't sound like a bad thing until she used the same phrase to describe an old biddy in town. 

Then there is BLUE cheese.  That's just nasty.  And you can argue with me if you want to, but cheese shouldn't be BLUE.  It just shouldn't.

 "In a BLUE funk."  That one just sounds dreadful, both literally and figuratively.

And I could go on and on.  (I know, because I googled.)  And the more I thought about BLUE, the more I got all kinds of depressy.  Because I wish that BLUE wasn't looked on so poorly.

Because I love the color BLUE.  And it means all kinds of happy things to me.

Like Texas BLUEbonnets.  And the color of Sawyer's eyes.  And the BLUE of the china patterns in my mama's house. 

It makes me think of the beach.  And of BLUE jeans.  And of blingy sapphires.

And then yesterday, while I was hanging out at the park with the boys, I looked up and saw this:

How could anyone ever say that BLUE was bad?

Because I'm pretty sure that there isn't a prettier sight that does more happy things for my soul than BLUE.


Tiffani said...

how clever are you?? so true. so true.

I especially love blue because all three loves of my life have blue eyes...and yes, that gorgeous spring sky or blue water at the ocean or even a pool for that matter. happy blue happy!

theelizabethhighsmith said...

what a blue-tiful post! (save me corny word doctor) i love me some blue. and blues music please tell me you like the blues music a little. i also think of the blue eye's crying in the early morning rain..........as always if we were local we could go paint the town blue!

Anonymous said...

How funny! I've never thought of it that way, but I agree: blue does get a bad rap. You've made me smile.

Mandy said...

Totally agree, especially about blue cheese . . . blech!

Carpool Queen said...

I like the word blue. Because we're all about that in our house. I'm the only thing that's allowed to be pink.

Jessica said...

I loved the sky yesterday! and it's not too shabby today either. I heard someone comment yesterday that the sky was as bright as it was when she colored it in her kindergarten pictures! I like that kinda blue =)

Mich said...

Blue is a BEAUTIFUL color.:)

Love ya much!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Ya know, I used to not like blue at all. But I've kinda mellowed on it and I find a few hues of blue (love me some rhym-y words!) very soothing. Like the aqua blue of a swimming pool or ocean. Anything that reminds me of the beach is ok in my book!

New Every Morning said...

Blue has always been my favorite color. I leaned toward red a couple of years ago, but never let go of blue.
I'll think of you next time we are doing fractions on the quilt and I'm staring up at our Carolina blue sky.

Cathy said...

You've been getting your blog on more frequently and I'm having a hard time staying commently (huh. Just made that up.) caught up!

...and then there's Blue Streak (movie) which has some REALLY funny scenes in it.

...and Blue Bunny icecream products.

...and the blue of the CoffeeMate creamer container.

...and blue ribbons which everyone wants to win.

...and then there's Mickey Blue Eyes which has Hugh Grant who I adore.

...and, oh, I ditto the blue skies. Lovely.

Marla Taviano said...

Blue is my faaaaaaaaavorite!! Love, love, love, love it! And I've missed you! And I'm trying to catch up on your posts and I don't want to skim but I may have to!!! Have a wonderful day, sweet thing!!!

Marla Taviano said...

Okay, so I just went back and skimmed the posts I missed. And WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BE SO CUTE AND FUNNY WHILE I WAS AWAY?!?!

Kellie said...

You need to come to NC. We have the prettiest Blue sky around. Really, come and see it! You can stay with me...our guest bedroom is (you guessed it) a beautiful shade of blue!

Bridget said...

Love the picture of the blue sky! Gorgeous!

Angie said...

Loved this 'unBLUEivable' blog!! I feel the same way about green. It's not just a color, now it's a lifes calling!

Love ya!

Sami said...

Violet Beauregard creeps me out. Whether she's blue or not. And, for the record, I love me some blue. It's a fave :)