Gladitudes: Sun-Schooling Edition

We have 38 days of school left.  So says my handy dandy planner.  38 days.  I may be able to squwosh it down to 35, or even 30, since I'm having an affair with the principal.

Y'all, I have a major caseage of spring fever.  What I really want to do is pack up the school books, say "Pashaw" to the rest of the school year, play from morning to night in the sunshine, and lie to everyone I see by saying, "We homeschool.  We're done. We're exceptional."

But, since I have some sense of conscience (and because the principal hasn't completely lost his mind to my wiley female ways), we're still plugging along; ripping off a ring of our paper chain with what probably could be mistaken as too much joy each and every day.

Oh..and we're taking school outside.  A lot.  Because I the children need to be outside.   

Yesterday we had school on the back deck.  And today we headed down to our little community park.  Thus giving me some very Gladdie Moments.....

My Gladderific Gladdies About Gettin' Our School On In the Sunshine

1.  If you must do fractions, then doing fractions in the sun is at least a teensy bit pleasant.  Aw...who am I kidding?  I despise fractions in any kind of weather, but if the sun is shining, at least it's tolerable.

2.  It is much easier to bribe the middle child who hates anything school-related to do his schoolwork when a playset and a fresh yard of grass is staring him in the face.

3.  I HATE fixing lunch.  It is my least favorite meal to fix evuh.  But slapping together PB&J on a picnic blanket doesn't fall in the same category as lunch-fixin'.  So, technically, I got a day off of cookin' lunch.  Suhweet.

4.  Sunshine and playgrounds make the rascals tired.  And tired rascals equal quiet afternoons.  And quiet afternoons means mama gets her nap.  Score.

5.  I'm very glad that the neighborhood dogs didn't crash our party.  There's nothing fun about fighting an 80 lb. mutt with a John Deere collar for the last crumbs in the chip bag.  Nothing fun a'tall.

6.  The self-proclaimed "Community Constable" will come by and just want to know your business promise to keep an eye on things so that we can "enjoy the facilities in peace and safety."  What that really means is that he and his nosey wife wanted to know why there were kids out of school in the middle of the day....but I let him play his little game.  I did, however, get invited to a community Political Pie Rally, which sounds intriguing.  I'm not sure if the pies are for consumption or for throwing at the politicians, but I don't think you could go wrong with either option. 

7.  When I get out of my house, then the mess that is my house is non-existent.  Delusion is a great color for me.

8.  Calories don't count while consumed at a picnic. 

9.  My fear of my car being dead when we got ready to leave didn't come true.  The thought actually crossed my mind, and I was nervous about having to go find the constable and ask him for help...only fueling his ego for park-saveage. 

10.  I was able to cross off Day 39 in my planner.  With a bright pink colored pencil.  While I sunned myself.
That was the Gladdiest Gladdie of all.

Oh...and though this has NOTHING to do with sun-schooling, I have one more Gladdie:

GLEE STARTS BACK TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WAHOO!!!!!!

My good buddy Gretchen is always super Gladdirific.  Go over and visit her!  She's the best.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You make me want to homeschool. ;)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Except we have 28 more school days, so I'm good with my plan for now. ;)

New Every Morning said...

I'm having an affair w/ my principal, also.
I hate making lunches.
I love school in the sunshine.
Oreos are a must for calorie free picnics.
Clearly we are sisters at heart.

Bridget said...

Your gladdies had me giggling!! :D

Jim said...

What ever happened to the "testing jesting" - how'd they do?


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo for the outside school days! This weather has been too gorgeous to stay inside! I hope that many of the next 30 to 38 (depending on the principal) days are full of sunny outside-school ones!

Kellie said...

I have nodded my head throughout this entire post!

We have taken school outside as well...

I get Spring fever too. We have about 25-28 days left as well, but I know that I will start whittling things down because the fever makes me delirious.


Not that I'm bitter or anything.

We're testing this week, so I am going to log off and get that finished so I can kick the kids outside and watch GLEE!!!!

Happy Day!

Carpool Queen said...

#4 is reason enough ON ITS OWN for outside school.

Tiffani said...

I feel all sunny and refreshed just from reading this!!!

Homeschooling is just too much goodness...so thankful we get to do it together, my dear.

Lovey you.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Woo hoo! to homeschooling in the sun. My turn this fall! And my principal is a pushover! ;)

Cathy said...

The gladipalooza of gLee could be a post all it's own.


Angie said...

Totally LOVE outside school! "We threw the ball 10 times. The dog caught 8. What's his average?"
And I guess I'll have to check out GLEE. I've heard so much about it!
Love you!