Boys Are Going To Be the Death of Me

Sawyer wants a mohawk.

No. Really.  I'm serious.  A for real mohawk.  Not a faux-hawk.  Or a spiky something-or-other that we can pretend is a mohawk.  Um...no....he's thinking Mr. T worthy.

And his dingity dangity daddy thought it would be hysterical to tell him he could have one just to torture me.

A mohawk?  Really?

And when begged to change his mind and asked why in the world would he want to make his mother so crazy? 

"Because Dusty gots one."

Well, Dusty's mama is way cooler than me.  Obviously.


My precious soon-to-be-sporting-a-hawk son also has become the catcher for his traveling/tournament baseball team. 

He loves it.  Even though it gives me a heart attack every time I see the ball whizzing at his precious face.  But I'm coping.

He has discovered a new piece of "equipment" that he is especially proud of.  And is very quick to discuss with anyone who will listen.

New glove?  Nope.
Helmet?  Nuh-uh.
Pads?  Oh no.  Too easy.

Sawyer has a new found fascination with this:



So if you're out and about and need to find Sawyer, just look for the red-headed kid sporting a mohawk and waving his jock strap. 

That's my boy.


Amy Fulmer said...

Oh, my....

Angie said...

I'll see your jock strap, and raise you a training bra!!

Hang in there cuz! Love you!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I bet giraffe print sunglasses would distract the eye from a mohawk. Nah. They'd probably just accentuate it and then you'd get even stranger looks.


Mich said...

Love that kid!

Michele said...

Mohawks and Jock Straps?!? Cracking me up over here!!! Life without a boy(s) would be so.very.boring. My new parenting saying with EVERYTHING is, "It's just a phase." Can't wait to see pics of the new do! He's so terribly cute, he'll look adorable with any haircut. A good way to look on the bright side is at least he's not a girl and wanting a mohawk?!? Now that would be sceerrrryyy.

New Every Morning said...

Makes a momma proud.

My husband had the joy of returning some training bras to Walmart this week. The lady at customer service looked at him, then at the bras and said, "didn't fit?" Hehe.

Kendra said...

But what if it was a GLEE-worthy Puck-hawk? Then would you go for it?

And the jock strap is one of the many reasons I am hoping my children are not athletically inclined.

Cathy said...

I have to laugh...cause this is Will to.a.T....Mr. T that is....and the T shape of the "cup" that he yells for before a game so he can be the one to play catcher.

Oh the proud moment when you glance at your son on the ball field and see him adjusting his cup and digging the straps out cause their chaffing...;)

Tee said...

Hi Amber, Just stumbled on your blog today, and I am loving this little moment of yours. Yesterday my 18 year old was leaving to meet with a college baseball coach. He had on gym shorts and T-shirt. I was doing the motherly checklist duty thing and making sure he had all his gear (he always does, but I ask anyway.) When I got to the "sliding shorts?" part, he knocked on his cup, which he was wearing. Boys are gonna be the death of me too.

So nice to meet you!

Kellie said...

Oh mama, this is just the beginning....

We can get through it together.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!! You just put a jock strap on your blog!!!

This is why I love you.

Jennifer said...

"I PITY THE FOOL"....who messes with Sawdog!!!

The jock strap pic? Priceless!!!

Mary @ Simple Things said...

My son was something like 7 or 8 the first time he had to wear a cup. We happened to be at his grandparents house when he dressed for the game. He ran outside to show his cousins his uniform and the next thing I knew my MIL was laughing uncontrollably. She was looking out the kitchen window into the back yard as the cousins lined up to take a swing with the bat at my son's...you know. I wish I'd had a video camera.