The Divine Miss Em

By now, most of you know that I grew up overseas.  As a Missionary's Kid, I was given an opportunity that I often took (and take) for granted, but definitely realize that the entire experience airs on the side of super-fortunate. 

When I think back over my time as an MK, my memories wouldn't be complete without one particular person.  If I think about Bangladesh...she's there. 

Meet Emily.

This picture of me and Em was taken just last week in Branson, where she was vacaying and I was chillaxin' with the 'rents.  And I was thrilled beyond Texas to see her and her mama, Aunt Patt (all missionary kids refer to the other missionaries as "aunt" and "uncle." It's just how we roll.)

Before I get too far away from this picture...do you see how tall she is?  Jiminy Cricket.  Um...I'm also standing on my tippy-toes.  And she's just as gorgeous as ever.

Anyway...Em and I were raised together.  Both of our families arrived in Bangladesh at the same time and both waded through the knee-deep waters of culture shock together.  Emily and I were the same age, and we instantly bonded.  Em's parents were my parents' BFFs, and they went to Language School together, as well as muddling through the first months of ministry together.  We lived in a duplex with Emily's family, so the togetherness was end.less.  Emily's younger brother, Nathan, always wanted to be like us, and my big sister, Michele, couldn't stand us.  We were family.  Plain and simple.  Family.

Here's some early pictures that Jim-Dad dug up of me and The Divine Miss Em....

That's me on the left in the stunning red ensemble.  Em's in the middle, and that's her little brother, Nathan, on the right.  It looks like, in this particular picture, we were hangin' in a village somewhere.  I do recognize the man standing right behind me.  That's Matthias, who was our cook there...so I'm thinking we must have been in his village. 

That's me and Emily getting off of our school bus and heading for the house.  We went to the American School for our first year in the country (we were later home-schooled), and every morning and afternoon, our aiyahs would walk us to and from the bus-stop.  The pretty lady in red with me was my aiyah, Cecilia.  The unfortunate looking guy escorting Emily was Cecilia's good-for-nothing husband Shamir.  If you want to get Jim-Dad stirred up, just get him started on Shamir.  Whoa.Nelly.

Aren't we precious.  Ahem.  This picture was taken at one of our Mission Meetings, and our moms thought it would be all kinds of swell to dress us up alike.  That's me with the fabulous red shoes on the left.  Emily's on the right.  And the girl in the middle is Jamie, another Missionary Kid.  Our mothers should be hung out to dry.  What.Were.They.Thinking.

Back to last week.  It was so great to sit and visit with Emily and Aunt Patt.  Emily had also brought a friend of hers with them, and Nathan's soon-to-be-fiance was with them, too.  Cannot believe that little Nate is old enough to be gettin' hitched. 

A lot of time has gone by.
But some relationships last forever. 
You can't quit family.


Marc and Charity said...

I LOVE those old pictures! So cute! I hope our girls look back on this as fun memories when they are older :)

Nancy said...

Wow! What an amazing experience.

Jim said...

Those were the days, my girl. And it was Matthias' village - he'd invited the two families to come have a meal with he and his.

I've another pict of you all at your birthday party one year. I'll send it along on email.

Love you - little or all grown up like a big girl, even though you aren't tall like your "cuz"!


Angie said...

Love the pics! I always wanted to visit you guys in Bangladesh. Their written language is so pretty, but I'll bet it was a booger to learn;)

ভালবাসা আপনি মিত্র!
(Love you, friend! Couldn't find 'cousin' on the translator!)

Anonymous said...

愛情是盲目的,但婚姻恢復了它的視力。 .......... . . . ............. .......... ..........

Mich said...

Wow! Those are some oldies but goodies. Oh, and by the way, you and Emily were the only two who got on my nerves... little Nate, I remember carrying around like he was my own. :)

So glad you got to see them.

Carpool Queen said...

My missionary cousins are closer to me than the blood ones that I only saw once every four years at a family reunion.

They're the ones in all my photo albums and they still speak my language.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That's so awesome you got to see her! Very cool.

He & Me + 3 said...

That is just awesome. I'll bet the conversation was great! Cute pictures too.