Random Smatterings: An Update

You may want to read this post first.  Or not.  Whichever way you want your kite to fly.

On the topic of my 15 year highschool reunion:

  • I'm still musing over the way that Facebook has utterly and definitively changed the entire dynamic of the mysterious reunion phenomena.  I didn't feel nearly as apprehensive about going and showing my crows' feet to a group of people that hadn't seen me since waving my fresh 18 year old face goodbye several years ago, seeing as they've seen my pictures and profile stuff floating around the net for some time now.  My crows' feet are old news in cyberspace.  What has kept me snickering since Saturday, though, are the people who have been sticking pictures on Facebook that are.most.definitely.not.them.  You can't post a picture 2 Thursdays ago of a buxom bombshell wearing a teensy two-piece on a beach in Key West and then show up to your reunion sporting love-handles and skin the color of baby powder.  You just can't.  We're smarter than that.  Really.  We are.  
On the topic of the nasty infestation of deadness around the house:
  • For those of you who wondered.....I think the carcass was dog related.  Not that I got close enough to perform a complete inspection.  But, regardless of its used-to-be, I do think that our dog, Lucky, was the culprit.  Not of the homicide.  But of the carting it up to the house and plopping it front and center in my yard.  I'm going to pretend that he was trying to gift me with treasure.  I'm also going to pretend that I don't gag every time I think about it.
On the topic of not wanting to start school yet because I just don't want to:
  • I've decided that I might just be getting in the spirit of back-to-school time.  And all thanks to this:
  Nothing thrills my heart more than brand new school supplies.  And on sale?  Be.Still.My.Heart.

On the topic of Solo cups:
  • We've now graduated to a package of 1000 plastic straws.  $1.99.  You betcha.
On the topic of procrastination as it relates to retail establishments:
  • I sucked it up today and went to Walmart.  But only because we were out of Diet Dr. Pepper, and that registers entirely too close to a breach in Homeland Security around these parts.

And with that.......


Jim said...

Hopefully, those don't contain the "last straw" for you and yours. Didchagitit?
Thanks for clearing up the issue about the yard leavin's. So you're not going to create a pop-art pict to hang on your wall?
Happy shopping, teacher-mom! I remember when your mother home-schooled you girls in Bangladesh. No Walmart supply bins there!

Gretchen said...

Cups, straws, I'm seeing a theme. You know I love a good theme, so I vote for those cute drink umbrellas next. :)

Anonymous said...

Every now and then my cat brings rabbits and sets them at my doorstep - kind of as an I-love-you tribute which kind of freaks me out! I imagine there's nothng worse than the smell of dead stuff - ugh!

However, I can go for those 1,000 straws for $1.99.

I hope you had a great time at your reunion.

Unknown said...

I was at the Target in the school supply section and thought of you!

I tend to swoon in the office/school supply sectio of the dept. stores...Love me some paper and school supplies.

Marla Taviano said...

You're like the cutest thing ever.