This past weekend was probably one of the most relaxing and fun weekends that our family has had in a long while. 

We didn't do anything spectacular.....maybe that's what made it so great.  In fact, we didn't do anything spectacular at all.  It was just good.

Friday night, the husband went out with his man-friends to shoot fish. (Yes...shoot fish.  And, yes...it's legal.  And, no...I don't know any more than that.)  Don't get me wrong...I love the husband.  But I also love falling asleep in my bed with total control of the remote control.  And it's different than when he's gone on trips...because I can fall asleep easy knowing that he'll stroll in at some point in the middle of the night.  Downside is that he strolls in smelling of fish guts...but I don't guess you can win 'em all.

On Saturday morning, I let the little country gas station, that is just down the road from our house, cook breakfast for me.  They make the most fabulous breakfast sandwiches complete with from-scratch biscuits and the most ginormous slabs of bacon and sausage.  YUM.  What makes it even better is that while you're waiting for the precious lady to whip up your biscuit, you can listen to all the cute little old men gossip about the town's 'bidness over coffee.  This is why I love being an American.

We spent most of Saturday day working in the yard even though it was hotter than Hades.  We mowed and sweat and dragged limbs and sweat and cleaned up around the house and sweat and sweat and sweat.  And then we washed our cars and played in the water just so we wouldn't die of heat stroke.  Arkansas summers ain't for sissies, folks.

After a heat-induced coma that afternoon, we headed out to dinner and a movie for Keaton's birthday.  We watched Despicable Me.  Have you seen it?  It's so good.  I laughed. And I cried.  And I laughed some more.  But not nearly as much as the over-zealous woman in red Hawaiian print pants who was seated behind me.  She was l.o.u.d. found the movie delightfully engaging.

Kirk and I kept the bed babies Sunday morning at church.  One of my most favorite jobs ever.  And it makes my heart get all melty when I see the husband schmoozing over a little teeny bambino.  And it makes my uterus hurt for more babies.  And when I pointed out that fact to the husband that morning, he all but threw the little tike at me and run for cover.  Wuss.

After church we went and ate at one of my most favorite places evuh with a few of my most people evuh. 
There is nothing like good friends, good conversation, and fried food dipped in gravy.  Swoon. 

After lunch we went and picked up our cow.  Yes...our cow.  You think I'm kidding.  You all know about my grocery bill and my inability to keep any remnants of food in the house, so our solution was to buy a cow.  We ordered our cow last fall sometime and split him with these fine specimens of besties.  I guess our cow, whom we have taken to calling "George", has been living it up on the farm for the past few months getting all kinds of fattened up.  And now he is happily (for us, not him) residing in our freezer.  Want to know what half a cow looks like?

That's a lot of meat, folks.  That's a lot of meat.  And as excited as I am about a freezer full of George...it also means that I have to start cooking again.  Double-edged sword.

We ended our Sunday with a hearty nap and then began the highlight of my summer:

It just keeps getting better........


Andrea said...

Happy cow cooking! We recently bought a quarter cow. We neglected to name our cow, however. Dang! We are working on eating up all of the "old cow" before we dive in the "new cow." We are already eating the new cow ground beef & it's quite awesome. No fat to drain out of the pan!

Sami said...

1. Our gas stations have the BEST breakfast burritos. Seriously. With REAL tortillas that I don't have to make. Yum.
2. I want 1/4 of a cow. But I want her name to be Ethel. Can you get girl cows? Wait. I just changed her name...Princess Ethel. I like it.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

we were destined to be friends. in college i lived off gas station biscuits. i'd come all the way to arkansas to see you and eat biscuits at that joint. and we could just do everything you did all weekend and i'd go home fit as a fiddle and happy as a hog in slop.

enjoy ever ounce of the rest of your summer days. moo eat more chicken ; )
the cows made me do it!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

It does sounds like a great weekend! I loved Despicable Me too! So cute.

Your half of the cow is impressive. Wonder if I could talk John into buying one. I bet if I dangled a steak in front of him he'd say yes pretty quickly.

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh shark week. I used to watch that all the time. How fun. That is alot of meat. Wowzers. I don't think I have bought that much beef in my whole 13 years of marriage. We eat ground turkey most of the time. Poor George. LOL
I like falling asleep in the middle of the bed when hubs is not home. :)

Tiffani said...

Oh my cow-baby!!

Glad you had such a great GOOD at-home weekend..we've had LOTS of days like that lately and I sure ain't takin' them for granted b/c I hope (and soon) that I will be longing for days filled with family time.

I can't wait to see Despicable Me!

I love you, bestie pie!

Tiffani said...

Ooops! Forgot to say I know EXACTLY how yummy that lunch was...we consumed it only moments before peeing $5 down the toilet at WM!! ;)

Awesome memories, my love.

Carpool Queen said...

You had to go and post a picture of fried okra.

And here I've been doing well on my diet.


New Every Morning said...

When I was a teenager, my family bought a cow (freezer style). In the heat of the summer we began to smell something AWFUL in the garage.
My 11 year old brother had unplugged the freezer and forgot to plug it back in.
Can we say Mad Cow???

I personally prefer the Skinny Cow (ice cream) :)

家唐銘 said...


Gretchen said...

Mercy, your relaxing and laid back sounds busy to me. Glad you got to go to Despicable Me. That's one of those "family" movies which don't make my teeth hurt (at least from what I've seen on the trailer). Can't wait to see it w/my brood.

Enjoy George. Two words: crock pot.

Nancy said...

I'm just not even sure what to think about that ... 'shooting fish' thing. I even tried to google it and could only find info about spear fishing?

Despicable Me-3D ~ such a cute movie. I love movies that entertain all ages ...