Top Ten Ways To Spend Your Birthday

10.  Have your sweetie-bestie-pie fly all the way from Georgia on a Hot Wheels plane just to surprise you on your birthday.  And although you are thrilled beyond belief that she arrives safely and soundly, you will hang your head in shame when you realize that she has seen your state's only claim to fame from the plane:  The Railroad Car/Mobile Home...a.k.a. The Clinton Presidential Library.  Welcome to Arkansas!

9.  Eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts without guilt.  Because everyone knows that having company erases calories.  You may also realize that your "Can't Say No" personality comes into play in most any situation, including the doughnut shop.  Evidenced by the box of a dozen doughnuts that you cart out of the place, just because the man behind the counter told you to.

8.  Get spoiled by your husband who decides that a great birthday treat would be to send you and your sweetie-bestie-pie off to the spa for a day.  What's that you say?  A spa?  That's right!!  Being handed your hubby's credit card and whisked off to a fancy-schmancy spa where you aren't allowed to speak above a whisper so that you can have an hour long massage and a mud wrap is the best present ever.  Walking out of the fancy-schmancy spa all jelly-legged is an added bonus.  Almost kicking your massage therapist in the nose because you fell asleep on the table and are a sleep-jerker is just funny.  Not that I would know anything about that.

7.   Eat ridiculously obnoxious amounts of food despite hearing your trainer's sceery voice floating through your head the entire time.  Decide to ignore the voice and just eat the food.  And lots of it.  And then leave mass carnage trailing behind you.

6.  Bring out the besties to meet the sweetie-bestie-pie.  Warning:  That many girly giggles in one place might prove dangerous to your health....or at least the sanity of those around you.

5.  Spend the morning with the oh-so-ever-pleasant folks at the DMV getting your new driver's license.  Because those people are always ready with a smile and thrilled to be of service to you. 

4.  Take your sweetie-bestie-pie somewhere that you hang out all the time, but that she's never been.  And realize that even though you think your state stinks in the tourism department, that other people might actually think it's cool.  Or maybe it's just that Georgians don't have hot water. *wink*

3.  Resort to major retail therapy.  Because nothing will make you feel better about your sweetie-bestie-pie leaving you the next day than buying cute matching outfits and a sundress that reminds you of sherbet.

2.  Take your sweetie-bestie-pie to a place she's never been even though you can't believe she's never been in one before, because true friendship involves new experiences.  Even when said new experiences are creepy wax museums.  Also looking like a giant in documentary pictures is a must.

NOTE:  Don't touch Jimmy Carter.  He has personal boundary issues.


Laugh. A lot.  And talk.  A lot.  And giggle.  A lot.  And be thoroughly amazed that God would bless you with such a remarkable sweetie-bestie-pie.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

*You can read a very entertaining version of Tiffani's experiences here in the heart of Ar-Kansas right HERE.


Tiffani said...

Girl. The hot water bit had me ROLLING!!!! Too.funny.!! (and I wonder what Jimmy's deal was..I mean I was his fellow Georgian, for heaven's sake!)

It was certainly my pleasure and joy to come be with you Hot Wheels plane or not!!

Every second was precious, no words will ever suffice the situation...just glad we don't need words..because we have the actual moments forever in our hearts!!

I love you, bestie-pie!

Elizabeth said...

You girls are so cute! You make me miss my bestie. She's only an hour away, but still.

I remember that wax museum from when I was a kid, and it scared the you-know-what out of me.

Nina Diane said...

Happy Birthday! Sound like you had an awesome day...or weekend!

New Every Morning said...

You girls sho know how to celebrate. Does every visitor to your great state get free t-shirts? I noticed at least 2 different ones on Tiffany. :)

Cathy said...

What a fun time for you both! Hope it made your birthday the most specialist of all!

Carpool Queen said...

You had me at "spa".

Jim said...

Now what number was your "bestie" time with your parents at the ole Cracker Barrel? I thought we might rate at least in the top ten! I guess eleven's not too bad. And I'm truly glad and not a sad Jim-Dad for the fad.u.lous tad of a time you and Tiff had. To quote a rascal "lad" our time with them was "x.specially" rad!

Your glad, not sad,

Mich said...

glad you had a great birthday!

love ya!

Kellie said...

Such fun post! I'm so happy that you guys had such a great time together. I loved all the pictures!

Bridget said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful birthday! OMGosh, I can't believe how close I live to you!!!

Kendra said...

You all had so much fun! So glad for you!

I can not believe they still have those same sad, creepy wax statues there. They're the same ones since I was 6 years old!

Jennifer said...

Oh so much fun! I loved reading all about this! Happy birthday blogging buddy!

whimzie said...


What a great birthday present!

And I have that striped ON dress! We should wear it on the same day and be long distance twins!

Marla Taviano said...

So, so, so SO awesome!!

Gretchen said...

About all i can do is sit here and sigh contentedly. xxxooo

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Amber, I am truly, truly thrilled that you had a glorious birthday with your sweetie-bestie-pie! My best gal pal and I have the same birthday and last year got to spend it together. We don't normally because her husband has this thing about wanting to spend her birthday with her (mine doesn't care so much, and I like it that way)and we live in different states. But when we did get to share a glorious four days together for our B-day it was well worth the fanagling!

Happy Birthday girl!

Sami said...

Wax people freak me out. Seriously.