Betcha Didn't Know....Mt. Washmore Edition

.....that all of my laundry is almost completely caught up. 
.....that that is a huge feat for me (or if you know me well, then you do know that).  I honestly cannot remember the last time that every stitch of clothing we owned was all clean at the same time.  Probably can't remember it because it's never happened. 
.....that the only reason it happened this time is because my nine year old son is bound and determined to own his own Wii because he doesn't want to have to share under-law with his brothers, so he lived in the laundry room washing and drying 16 loads of laundry on his own.
.....that he actually did a great job and didn't turn anything pink. 
.....that I'm thinking of hiring him full time.  Or holding his Wii hostage until I find 3,458,392 other jobs for him to do around the house that I despise doing myself.
.....that one of the loads that I JUST washed yesterday was a load of Kirk's camouflage.  From deer season.  As in last fall.  As in SIX MONTHS AGO.  But who's counting?
.....that also while digging through Mt. Washmore, I found a pair of capris that had been missing since last spring.  I had convinced myself that I gave them to Goodwill.   It was like the Tale of the Prodigal Pants.
.....that while telling my joyous tale to some friends last night, I received giggles and strange looks.  Apparently I am the only one who has a plan of hierarchy when it comes to laundry.  Who knew?  I thought we were all in this together.
.....that it won't be long before my laundry room is completely piled up again.  Because I roll like that.
Wanna play "Betcha Didn't Know"?  Well, c'mon!  Grab my button, plop it on your blog, and tell me something I didn't know!  C'mon!  You know you wanna!!!

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Mich said...

I think it is time the nephew pays me a visit. I have my own mountain he can tackle. :)

Love ya!

Sami said...

Only you can pull a blog post out of me...give me 10 min!

Jennifer said...

Hooray for Prodigal Pants!!

So proud of you, um, I mean Keaton!!

I bet he's your hewoah!!! ;)

Bridget said...

Mt. Washmore...hehehe!! I need to use that one to name my pile of laundry here!

Jim said...

As you know, our "Mt. Washmore" is really just a bump on the road. I mean, we do change clothes and get dirty from time to time, but one basketful makes ours "Mt. Washless" - bragging, well, I guess - but you know your mom and such housewhole chores - she attacks them with an air of accomplished JOY! Of course, she only has one "boy" to contend with, and it would be a major under-taking to have "him" operate those clean machines. It would take me longer to learn than for her to level the "bump".

I guess having Saw to do his "thing" at our house is a real "wash" - guess I'll have to have him and his "wii brothers" to just pick up rocks from our Mt. Rockmore!

Love you,

Nancy said...

Hi - you don't know me but I wanted to play, "Betcha Didn't Know" today so here is my post ... you can find it at http://nannerflysunshine.blogspot.com/

Alison said...

You are hilarious! The tale of the prodigal pants. You should make a movie script and send it to Paramount movies or something...you'd make millions! :)

Libby said...

COngrats on the laundry!! Lol thats always exciting!

Gretchen said...

I betcha didn't know how much you make my day when you wax poetic about your disdain for housework. Homekeeping...hospitality...YES, but housework? Ugh.

Well done Sawyer!

If you're like me, there'll be plenty o' bribing/incentive opportunities to come. :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That's a GREAT feeling...especially when you weren't the one slaving over it!!!

Hope you're having a great summer so far. Are you and Kirk heading off on another of your fabulous trips???