The Denim Jumper Production of Peter Pan

We've been part of our local homeschool group's co-op for the past year.  Fridays were co-op days, and I'd have to remember how to get up early, shower, dress in clothes that weren't made of fleece or flannel, and actually get my family somewhere on time.  How we ever made it to school last year before the bell rang, I have no idea. 

Once we got to co-op, the kids would go to various classes and learn about stuff that I would never have taught them at home.  Like art history.  And suturing a pig's foot.  And how to make a duct-tape wallet.  You know...the crucial things in life.

If I'm being 100% honest, co-op was way down on the list of my favorite places to be.  Come Fridays, it was all I could do to muster up the gumption to put on mascara and go.  And most days, the only thing I looked forward to about the day was that we would always go to The Shack for pizza afterwards. 

But I muddled through the year because the boys loved it.  The social interaction was a blessing for Keaton especially, and...well...they learned how to make a duct-tape wallet. 

And this past Friday night, it slapped me in the face.  All the getting up early and trying to wipe the obvious bad attitude from my face every Friday morning had finally shown what it was meant for. 

One of the classes that the boys were in was a Drama class.  They put on a great production at Christmas, but for their Spring Production, they were taking on the daunting PETER PAN.  It is possible that I called their drama teacher (also a sweet friend) "CUH-RAZY."  Both behind her back and to her face.  Because I knew the kids that were involved....

The thought of it just made me snort-giggle.  PETER PAN.  Yah...okay.

I ate my snort-giggles Friday night.

Because they rocked it.  Our rag-tag group of ragamuffin redneck homeschoolers busted out one of the greatest children's theatre productions I have ever seen. 

Now...we aren't Broadway ready, mind you.  But no one freaked on stage.  And everyone remembered their lines.  And no one was killed backstage.  SUCCESS!!

To top off the fun for the kiddos, they were granted permission to hold their production in the Theatre on OBU's campus!  Quite a step up from the church platform that they had been practicing on. 

Here's some PlayBill worthy evidence:

That's cutie-pie Tate on the right.  He was Indian Chief Great Big Little Panther.  And he said stuff like: "Yohr ow hewoah, Petuh Pan."  Nothing like an Indian Chief with a speech impediment.  Spoon-worthy.

Aw...the Lost Boys.  The traditional script says woodland creatures; but a prior church production of already-readied Noah's Ark costumes says jungle creatures for us!  We're a resourceful group, I tell ya!

Sawyer was the Very Lost Zebra Boy -- Terry

And Keaton was the Super Lost Elephant Boy -- Tootles

When Keaton wasn't Lost, he played the part of Father.  A Father who thought that the Mother was gross.  Have no idea how Wendy, Michael, and John came about.  Crack.Me.Up.

This is Father before his party...when his tie wouldn't tie.

And this is Father at the end of the play....AFTER THAT PARTY....it must have been a doozy!! *wink*

It really was an amazing production.  My friend S did a great job putting up with leading our kids!  We're so super proud of all of them.

Shame on me for wanting to pull our family out of co-op.....because if I had....I'd have missed this:

And that's just too good to miss.


Tiffani said...

So stinkin' darlin'...you know how much I love me a play/musical/theatre..any and all of the above!

They all look so cute and so glad that they actually participated and wanted to!

Auntie Tiffi is so very very proud of those rascals and their Rascal Raisin' Mama for going even when you didn't want to (because you wanted to stay home and chat with me) ;)

Jim said...

Well, you know that the "nuts" don't fall very far from the tree, oh "Amber Drama Queen" of mine - you know, you're the one who got me involved in drama and now look where it has taken me. And I'm loving it!



Angie said...

Seriously, what mom could see that and not just melt? Too, cute!

The girls saw the boys baseball shots and now they want to play after we get moved.Do they allow fleece at the ball park?(wink,wink)

The Bowden's said...

Aw, such cute pictures! Good for you for getting them there on Fridays. It is tough! I just found out I get to sub in P.E. tomorrow and that means I have to direct Field Day. Yikes!!

The Fountains said...

I just love it! I dream of having something like that for my home-schooled bunch!

You guys are blessed to have the opportunity to participate. Cuddos to you for getting your kiddos there to be in it.

They are all three so adorable!!!!


Jennifer said...

Indian Chief Great Big Little Panther is MY hewoah!!!

Marla Taviano said...

I love homeschoolers who poke fun at homeschooling. Makes me want to be a homeschool mom!

Gretchen said...

Next year, you won't need your mascara--just go. After all, your denim jumper should be enough. So great, Amber. Awesome pics, too.

New Every Morning said...

I thought I was the only homeschool mom that had to stuff her bad attitude in her pocket every Friday as we headed to co-op. It was well worth it for my kiddos, though. Now they are "socialized."