Isn't There An 80s Song About Being Excited? Because I So Am!

She called me two weeks ago and told me the news.

And I might have screamed.  A lot.

And now it's finally here.  Tomorrow morning, I'm driving to the airport to pick up my birthday present from her.  And I can hardly wait.  I might even have to take a Tylenol PM to even be able to settle down at all tonight.

So I'm spending the day today getting all ready for the big day.

I'm not cleaning my house. 
I'm not cleaning out my van.
And I'm not worrying about the laundry.

Because I don't have to.

You see, Tiffani's coming!  That's right!  You heard me!  My bloggy-bestie-turned-real-live-in-the-flesh-doesn't-live-in-my-computer-anymore-bestie is coming here!  For my birthday! 

She's my present!!

How great is that???

And know what sweetens the deal?  She's scared to fly.

That sounded bad.  It's not that it's great that she's scared to fly.  That actually is very very sad.  But what is so fantastic about her being scared to fly is that she is flying anyway.  FOR ME!  So very very sacrificial and precious. 

So I'm not cleaning my house.  Because Tiffani doesn't need me to clean my house.  The crumbs on the floor and the pile of dirty laundry are what makes this house work, and Tiffani knows us so well, that she won't care.

Know what else?  I'm not cleaning out my van either.  Nope.  I'm picking her up with petrified french fries and 14 pairs of mismatched shoes in tow.  Because she wouldn't have it any other way.

There is something so very very precious about being able to be completely and wholly yourself with someone.  Someone who will just add their dirty dishes to your dirty dishes in the sink.  Someone who will leave their towel on the floor and step over the mountain of shoes by the front door.  Someone who will peek in the laundry room to check out the cute purple paint, not the growing masses of dirty jeans and stinky towels.

And I am beside myself with excitement.

Happy Birthday To Me!!!


whimzie said...

What a fun treat!! Yay for you both!!

Mich said...

what a way to celebrate. hope you have a great time.

I love ya.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

i'm so excited for both of you that i just can't hide it! you take care of that georgia peach and i can't wait to read about all the fun you two will rustle up! enjoy! and happy, happy, happy birthday! birthday's are the best!!

Bridget said...

How wonderful! Glad you are getting to see your best friend soon!!

Elizabeth said...

That is so special! You are a lucky girl to have a friend like her!

Jim said...

And of course, the fact that you two will be on your own w/o the rascals in tow, not that you want to have them gone for a day or so -but Gramma and Poohpa Jim-Dad having them for a couple of nights is not so bad either. We are looking forward to meeting Tif for lunch tomorrow, and claiming our charges! See you in about 12 hours! We'll miss your birthday - but we'll celebrate Tate's, and eat a piece of cake for you, too!


Jennifer said...

Oh hooray, hooray! You girls have fun and stay out of trouble!

Tiffani said...

I am with you in your messy van now! U are a gift to me my dear girl! What a blessing to get to spend your bday together ...I love you!

New Every Morning said...

What a perfect treat! Have a wonderful time. We're looking forward to the "after" post. Wish I could be a fly on the wall ... so much giggling and snorting I'm sure.

Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday!!!! xxxooo

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How very fun! Happy Birthday, Amber.

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday, Amber!!

Marla Taviano said...

Oh, glory be!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!

Anonymous said...