Turning the Grinchy Upside Down

We're special.

'Twould be why Santa comes to visit us early. 

And the fact that Santa and I have an understanding.  Because we are NEVER.I.REPEAT.NEVER. around our own tree for Christmas morning, Santa comes and visits us early.  And, in turn, we help him out by giving him one less house to stop at Christmas Eve. 

It works for us.  And the children buy it. 

But it breaks me out in cold sweats.

Because I have one less week on the calendar to shop and wrap and tinsel and bake and craft and.and.and.

Deep breaths. Paper bag, please.

And honestly this year has been very hard for me to find my groove.  My family was beginning to call me Grinchy, and I was beginning to answer.

I went through some periods of serious sadness that left me not wanting to do anything that regarded Christmas and all its parts and pieces.  My heart just wasn't into it, and I was watching the days on the calendar tick away and could really care less.

But I made up my mind at the beginning of this week to just get up and get it together.  My children deserved a Christmas full of all the fun Christmas things.


We are listening to Christmas music while we tackle fractions.  Doesn't do much for the focusing issues some of us have, but you just can't be grouchy about fractions and handwriting while listening to "The First Noel" and "Santa, Baby."  You just can't.

Presents are scattered under the tree.  Some wrapped by little hands. 

And some not.

Our Christmas tree is sparkly.

And Homer Simpson is still hanging next to Baby Jesus. 

Our handmade Nativity is out and has been rearranged many many a time. 

The boys' Christmas work is hanging up by the back door....not exactly Southern Living material, but I love it.

There are lots of mismatched but comfy clothes which scream of lazy cozy days at home.

And though it may have taken me awhile to get into the Christmas spirit, the boys are all about some Christmas fun.

We've been invaded by reindeer.

And Santas that look as though they are giving birth for Christmas.

And jolly elves who apparently listen to gangsta rap.

How could anyone be grinchy when you have this going on in your house?!

Thinking that should have been our Christmas card picture for the year.


Emily said...

That last shot is priceless!!

Do y'all go up to Northern AR for Christmas?

Carpool Queen said...

Honey, I've been Grinchy for years about not having just our family around the tree at Christmas.

This year I asked for one thing, and one thing only.

Just us.

No traveling.

No bunking up with everyone and enjoying other people's traditions.

No cleaning house because people are coming to see us.

It's just us.

And I am happy, happy, happy.

Jennifer said...


That last picture just made me laugh so hard!!!

Looks like the elf is about to deliver Santa's baby!!!

And that reindeer?! Cutest.One.I've.Ever.Seen.

Mich said...

I so get the wanting to stay put for christmas, but then being with my favorite people (family) always wins out. Time is precious.

Love the pictures. You really should have made the last one the Christmas card pic. I at least need a copy for my fridge.

Love ya!

Jessica said...

That Santa is just greatness. And that last picture is priceless. I heart Christmas! Hope the Christmas spirit stays with ya!

Sami said...

1. I am super jealous of anyone who can wrap ribbon around a tree without making it look all weirdo. Like what happens when I try it. So picture me sticking my tongue out at you :)

2. Love the ho ho ho wrapping paper. Or should I say yo yo yo...

3. Gangsta Elf!! Fo shizzle.

Kellie said...

You are special! And I think its awesome that you have made it your tradition to do Christmas early. Your children will remember this with fondness!

Fractions and Christmas music? I'm going to remember this for the next time I'm doing 6th grade math!

Kendra said...

That would have been a great card picture! It's not too late!

Glad you got your FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA back!

Tiffani said...

oh this looks like so much fun!!!!!

wish we could've been there too!!

Can't wait to hear what Santa brings the Rascals!!

You are such a good Mama!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA I love the santa picture! Your rascals are too cute!

Jim said...

Those RASCALS! Always something going on in their imaginations that is put into action.

How come you didn't dress up like the GRINCH? Now, that would be the icing on the cake. Actually, glad you chased him away.

Still looking forward to one more week's end.

Love you,

Gretchen said...

Your "week ahead" agreement with Santa Claus sounds so smart to me! And what a great teacher you are! We like being home, too, but I'm pulling on my big girl britches and hauling off to CO this year. Maybe next year we'll be home again. But we've decided to do our Christmas a couple days early, too. Just makes sense. And to be frank--gives the kids a little time with their presents before they have to leave them behind. Shhhh...that may have sounded materialistic.

Jennifer said...

There is just so much to comment on so I'm not going to comment on any of it and just say how much I adore you and this made me smile and smile and smile some more.

Lindsay said...

Love your handmade nativity set. Blessings my friend.

Cathy said...

You're cute.

...and a good mama....

...and make cute kids...

...and make me smile...

FO shizzle.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

The boys look like they're having so much fun and doing fractions while listening to Christmas music has to put you in a Christmasy mood!

New Every Morning said...

The Santa "baby" made me laugh out loud. Then gangsta elf made me snort. Twice.

Adorable kiddos!!!