Broncos, Plays, MIRL's, and a Winner. Woosh. I'm Tired.

I've met myself coming and going today.  And I don't like the view of me from behind, so this has been a truly traumatic day.

Really. It hasn't. 

Everything has been a good thing, it is just when it is all crammed into one day, I feel slightly overwhelmed
and a bit verklempt.

*** We had our family pictures made this morning.  We are so fortunate to be blessed with an amazing photographer in our small town that not only takes amazing pictures, but is a great friend.  She has an amazing gift of making our family just look good, despite the non-smiler (ahem.), boys who step square in every mud puddle on the way to the studio, and my face that insists on busting out in zits on picture day.  Kelly took that picture of us that is up there on my header a couple of years ago.  She's great.  Really great.

So I called her last night and asked about setting up a sitting.  And she said, "How about 9:45 tomorrow?" and I about swallowed my tongue.  But, because I have issues with telling people "no," I agreed and then began to stress.  I had zero idea as to what we would wear and knew that today was going to be crazy busy anyway.

But, believe it or not, we pulled it together.  We look like Denver Broncos fans all dressed in navy and orange, but we wore it because everyone already had something in their closet, and I didn't have to go buy anything new for the pictures.  So....go Broncs.

Kelly is supposed to be putting up a link to the pictures to view them online, so as soon as she does, I'll post them so that you can check them out.  They turned out great.  I'm really very proud of them.

***Tonight the boys are in a little play being put on by our homeschool co-op.  They are doing a version of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" which is a precious little story about the realization of the true meaning of Christmas.

I have to admit that my attitude has not been the best about the play, but I'm trying to keep it in check.  I know that this is a great experience for the boys and am trying to not let the busyness of my schedule interfere with my excitement for them. 

But I will be glad when it is over.

***I have suitcases scattered all over my house, and I am trying to finish up the last of our laundry.  We are heading out early early in the morning for an all day road-trip.  But as hard as my body tries to talk my mind into being all stressed and to not look forward to the trip, my heart and mind pull through and just make me giddy. 

We're heading to Georgia.

The land of peaches.  And pine trees.  And Tiffani.

Tiff is my bestest bloggy buddy, but I really just call her family.  I know people don't understand this whole weird world that we all live in here in our computers, but I've decided it doesn't really matter.  We get it.  That's what matters.

The boys and I are holing up at Tiff's house with her Belle-ish and Bear-ish clan, and we are planning on having the best time.  We've planned plenty of time to giggle and snort and guffaw.  And we are going to act like it is totally not the first time that we are meeting in the skin.  Because we already know everything there is to know about eachother...so we're just going to pick right up where we left off. 

And to add the cherry on top of an already fabulous week, I get to meet Michele (who will probably try to shove carrot juice down my throat, but I'll be so excited to meet her that I'll drink it willingly...maybe) and Elizabeth (who just may possibly be the cutest girl ever).  I also get to meet Tiffani's family, including her sweet baby sister Taylor who is a perpetual blog lurker!  

My boys have been counting down the days until they get to play with Connor and Julia, and even the husbands are stoked about hangin' together and doing man things. 

It is going to be a blessed weekend.  One that Tiffani and I have been praying over for a long time now, and it is so hard to believe that it is finally here.  We're praising Jesus for His goodness.

***One last thing.  We have a winner from the giveaway the other day.  MIMI from FRUMP'S FINDINGS, you won!!!  I so want to send every one of you a copy of Hinds' Feet On High Places, because it is just that good.  If you get a chance, run to the library and check it out or just pick it up at the bookstore (it's a keeper, so it's worth the cash!).  You won't be disappointed!  Congratulations, Mimi!!!!

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I'm off to pack.  And run lines for the play.  And pack some more. 

Have a blessed weekend!


mimi said...

I still can't believe I won...as I said...I never win! Thank you so much Amber!!! I'm very excited to read this with my boys.

I'm so excited for your weekend in GA with Tiff and the fam....bonus of meeting Michele and Elizabeth!! That you guys get to all meet in the flesh....kids and husbands too....oh gosh, there are no words. I get the whole friends made through blogland thing. It's real. Can't wait to read all about it.

Tiffani said...

YAY FOR MIMI!!!! I'm SOOOO excited she won!!!

Girl, I can hardly contain myself...not sure I'm gonna get much sleep tonight!!! It's certainly gonna a wonderful, unique, silly, happy, blessed TIME!!!!

Hate ya have to get through the "pageant" first...but good for you for attempting a good attitude! :)

Love you and guess what???!!!

I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mich said...

Congrats Mimi! GReat book!

Sis dear, have a blast and be safe.

Love you bunches!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Congrats to Mimi!

I would like to request daily bloggy briefings on your MIRL so that I can pretend I am there too. I know y'all are gonna have so much fun!!!

Have a safe trip and hurry home!

Gretchen said...

I am so very, very excited for your MIRL with Tiffani. I know how sweet it will be. I'm giddy for you.

I'm sure your picture looks great.

Lurve that play.

And lastly...congrats to Mimi.

Lurve you to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Actually, a blog stalker. I'm yours and Tiff's number one fan. (: Without me, your blogs would cease to exsist. You're welcome, Miss Amber. (: I can't wait to meet you. I'll have to get an autograph. (:

theelizabethhighsmith said...

if you have to drink carrot juice i promise to drown its sorrow with ice cream! and since you think i might be the cutest girl in the world, i'll give you double hot fudge. the land of peaches and pine trees can't wait to meet you!

New Every Morning said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Jim said...

"BLOGLAND, GEORGIA!" Sounds like a theme park. NonStop OnLine Chatting FtoF. I know you all are in for a real roller-coaster ride of a weekend.

Tiff, I hope your house is EARTHQUAKE proof! One's a-comin!

What did I mention about a REUNION - sounds like you all are in for a MINI one! Looking forward to getting some blow by blows! Have a good time and be safe.

Did you tape the Christmas program?
Still looking forward to Christmas and our clan together here on the side of this mountain.

Love you!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun in Georgia. You guys are going to have SO much fun!

Jennifer said...

Congrats Mimi!!!

I feel special cuz I already got to see your pictures...and they are adorable!!

Hope you have the best time ever in Georgia!! Just remember...you have to come back!! Just bring Tif with ya!! :)

Michele said...

Can't wait to see you. I've been praying all day for you guys to have a safe trip!

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

I hope y'all have a great time! I know you will meeting an online friend! I understand the pain with the Christmas program. We dealt with that a few weeks ago and it was painful! My daughter loved it, though and I'm so thankful to be a part of a homeschool co-op! I can't wait to hear about the trip!

Christi said...

Hope the play went well! I didn't realize that you were homeschooling...that's what I get for being a blog world drop out! :) Hope it's going well for you all! We are really enjoying it!