Random Randomness On Coming Home and Skillets

*  I'm sitting in my house.  Take a moment and breathe deep with me.  I'd been away from my own bed for 8 days, and it was past time for me to snuggle down deep in my flannel sheets and cuddle up with my pillows.  I am so grateful for time with family and would have taken another few days of soaking up the goodness of my mama's house, but couches and guest rooms and air mattresses just don't cut it when it comes to bedding down at night. 

*  As excited as I was about seeing my own bed and crawling in it for the night....what I do dread about coming home after the long Christmas haul is being faced with all the unpacking.  Suitcases are bad enough, but when 4 huge tubs full of toys and games and candy and random gifts are added to the project, it just makes me head spin.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I took the time before we left to purge the boys' rooms...it has made this putting away process a bazillion times easier.

*  Speaking of putting stuff away, I was sorting through a huge sack of candy that we had accumulated at Kirk's mom's house.  And as I was putting it out into the candy dish, I noticed that several pieces had little tiny gnaw marks.  Like those belonging to a rodent.  I have decided that my parents' pet mice in the garage must have had themselves a bit of a Kit Kat feast.  Jim-Dad, You have mice.  Just to let ya know.

*  Kirk and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on Sunday.  And we spent it with my family.  Just as we have all of our 11 other anniversaries.  He definitely married my family when he married me.  Lucky guy. 

*  I think my family was slightly shocked at our gift exchanging practices for our anniversary.  He didn't get a card from me, because I couldn't find one.  And though I did get a card, it was the same card that he's given me in the past.  And while we're being real, there are 2 blank anniversary cards sitting in my desk here at home from 2 anniversaries ago when we both forgot to fill out our cards.  You can feel the romance seeping, can't you?  We also shared the same gift bag....he unwrapped my gift then took the gift bag out to his truck to wrap my present in it.  We just chalk it up to great minds thinking alike. :)

*  Sweet husband did buy me a couple of super nice gifts for our 12th.  He bought me Adobe Photoshop, which I have to say is the most difficult computer program known to man.  But I'm so so thankful for it, even though it is going to take me until 2057 to learn how to use it.  AND...I got a skillet.  YES.  Another one.  Because ONE for Christmas was just not enough. 

*  I've heard lots of folks talking about taking down Christmas.  I just can't bring myself to do it.  I am sitting in my living room with only the lights of the tree twinkling and am just as happy today as I was before Christmas.  So, I'll leave mine up awhile longer. 

*  Coming home after a long visit is always so sweet.  To be surrounded by your own things and doing things your own way is a precious thing that we take for granted, but there is also something so sour about it.  Especially if you are blessed with amazing family like we are.  And coming home means getting back to things that aren't as fun as being lazy in your mama's house.  Like work.  And school.  And cleaning.  And bills.  But I'm so very grateful for a precious holiday season with our families.


Carpool Queen said...

Mr. CPQ and I don't exchange anniversary gifts or cards. We do, however, go out to eat and buy something together at the grocery store.

It's bliss.

And it may or may not save him moolah to buy me a bigger Christmas present.

mimi said...

Keep your decorations up! We need to savor the lights a little longer...I'm with you. I'm looking at my tree right now :)

Your anniversary traditions sound just like ours.I am bad...I tell G not to buy me a card. They are usually like $5 these days. I say buy chocolate instead!Happy Anniversary!

Lori Motl said...

So I was catching up on your recent posts and wondered...what time was your wedding? Mine was at 7 pm...the very same day as yours! We also spent ours with family as we have for the past 11!

Jennifer said...

So glad you're home!!

As you know, we got married on Danny's 21st birthday...so I usually spend that day focusing on his birthday, just so he doesn't feel like he got ripped!! But then again, he did pick the date, so if he gets ripped, it's his own fault!! :)

And my Christmas tree is still up, too!! Just not quite ready for all things Christmas-y to go away!!

Mich said...

Miss you already.

I enjoyed spending your anniversary with you both, jamming to "Glee." :)

Love ya!

Tiffani said...

Girl, you are putting me to shame!

Blogging after all your travels and such and I sit at home for days and NADA on ye olde blog!

I love your randomness. I love anniversaries after so long that are comfy and just "you". I love time with family and I love returning home.

Most of all, I love you!!

Glad you're home safely...now get on those monkey pants and hang out awhile!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

You mean some people actually exchange cards and gifts on their anniversary? Huh.

Glad you're home. I missed you!

Nina Diane said...

another skillet?? wow...you planning on cooking alot! I had to take Christmas down...the clutter was starting to kill me and I'm getting new carpet in the den so it had to go! Happy New Year Amber!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the way you guys think alike - and if you ask me there is nothing wrong with sharing the gift bag. :)

Photoshop??? Seriously? You are a lucky girl, my friend...I am coveting that program.

Andrea said...

After reading your post and the comments, I'm coming to find that my husband and I are probably more normal than I thought. We rarely buy anniversary gifts for each other. Or we buy something for the both of us or for the family. We do go out to eat usually, but I do remember spending one or two with our kids too. My friends always talk about these grand things they buy or do and I always felt a little weird for how low key our anniversary is.

My Christmas stuff is coming down tomorrow. We are having a small New Year's Party and bought silver and gold decorations. It's too much with ALL of it stuffed in my living room!

Gretchen said...

Hmmm...I thought I had commented on this post. Silly me. The mind is the first to go.

Lurve you and your leave-n-cleavage to your smiling hubs. Great tribute to wonderful minds and a great marriage.

My husband could probably think of 11ty million things that he'd rather have in a wife, and still...he chooses me each day. I am blessed.

Sami said...

We finally got home last night after our own 8 crazy nights...and I am totally with you in the sweet goodness of my own bed!! I took our pillows with us but it didn't really help. And they ended up smelling all wrong...and not girly at all!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

your wrapping paper exchange is hilarious and yet somehow familier;)
Do tell all you learn about photoshop~I have it on my wish list!

Marla Taviano said...

I'm just going to keep commenting on all your old posts all Friday night long.

Our 12th anniversary was January 3rd. :)