Meeting In Real Life Is Oh So Sweet

We pulled up to this play place thing that was supposed to be the perfect place for kids to play and moms to chat. 

The place was closed, but the door to her Suburban wasn't.

And I knew it was her vehicle before Tiffani even told me.  Because this long ole blue jeaned leg with a stiletto heeled black boot was just a'swinging outside the door.

Yep.  It was Michele.  Mama In High Heels herself.

I suppose it would have been slightly scandalous for the High Heeled Diva to show up to her first bloggy MIRL wearing flats or sneakers.

She was gorgeous.  And precious.  And one of the kindest, most sincere people I have ever met.

Since the play place thing was closed, we headed to the city park.  All of our kids ran around and played like they had known eachother all of their lives, and Michele, Tiff, and I sat and chatted.  Like old friends.

We giggled.  And grinned.  And talked ourselves until we were blue in the face.  Oh. Wait.  That was the frigid cold that we were enduring for the sake of the meeting. 

But it was totally worth it.

Because even though I felt as though I knew Michele and all of her high-heeled glory, there is nothing like getting to hug the necks of the people that we come to know through the screens of our computers.

(Michele wrote about our meeting here.)

I was wearing sweats for goodness sake.

And when she came to Tiffani's door, I swear I was staring into the face of America's Next Top Model. 

Hello, Tall.  Meet Short.

Hello, Gorgeous.  Meet Frumpy.

Miss Elizabeth has been a great bloggy buddy for some time now.  Tiff introduced us awhile back, and I'm so glad that she did.  Elizabeth is so funny and clever and ridiculously witty.

And she so blessed me by coming over to meet me before I had to head back for home.

She so graciously endured the mess that looked as though Hobby Lobby had vomited on Tiff's kitchen table, and so kindly ignored my greasy hair and lack of mascara. 

What a gal.  What a gal.  And did I mention that she is gorgeous?

Elizabeth wrote about our meeting here.

I love meeting people's mamas.  Especially mamas of people that I'm close to.  I love to see if mannerisms match.  And if they look alike.  And just meeting the women that birthed the people I love.

Lucky me.  I got to meet Tiff's mama, Deb. Uh..I mean, Mimi.

And she was precious.  And hilarious.  And made me giggle when she talked about her "people."  And cracked.me.up. when she and Tiff frustrated eachother. 

It felt like home.


I've never had a little sister. 

So, I've decided that I'm just adopting Tiffani's.

Taylor (a.k.a. Tay Tay) is my self-proclaimed blog lurker stalker.  And because I think she's so darn cute, I'm going to allow her to keep her title.


A huge "Thank You" to all these phenomenal ladies for taking time out of their busy schedules just to come and meet lil' ole' me. 

You all are a huge blessing!!!


Tiffani said...

Aww, there's all my peeps and my family peeps...

Gotta love Mimi and her "heritage", right?!

I am just giddy that they all got to see how wonderful you are and you got see all their wonderfulness too...it connected 2 very important parts of my life.

Can't wait to have our next adventure!! I love you!

Michele said...

Why Mrs. Raising Rascals,I do believe you are making me blush. . . you said such sweet things about me!!

I loved meeting up with you! Thank you for the sweet things you said about me.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

I'm with Michele, I loved meeting up with you and your sweet words make my heart skip an extra beat but I ain't blushing uh-uh nope not me. I'm gonna print this out and get me a frame! Come back anytime! And heaven's to betsy we'll put some cheese in your jaw-jaw grits and you'll sing a tune of a different color.

Jim said...

I remember a time when it was hard knowing who your friends were. Again and again, I am delighted with the medium of this screen, for it affirms who you have "grown-up" to be. Bringing me into your world of special friends enlarges my world, too, and imagine, I have the privilege of interacting with them, too!

More and more, I am blessed with how both of my girls have "turned out"!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you,


Glo said...

I have slacked A LOT on reading blogs and such, but I can tell you right now........I definitely miss your blog! You have such a way with words that make me just smile! You and your Dad both just melt my heart when I read this blog and the comments he leaves. You both are awesome people! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Gretchen said...

So ding-dandy-gladalicious that you were able to meet so many folks on your trip! Thanks for including us. One day, we'll do it. One day.