Getting Our Gingerbread On

I told you the other day about my desperate attempts at leaving the Grinchys behind.  And I am trying.

I tried so hard today that some insane attempt at restoring my grand-parenting position possessed me.  All the way to WalMart to buy stuff to make gingerbread houses.

Even when I knew it would be horrifically messy.  And send us all on sugar highs for the next 14 years.

I debated buying the kit.  But knowing full well that my kids do not understand the concept of sharing and team work, I knew it would mean shelling out $30 for 3 kits that would just get chunked after a few days because no one in my family actually eats that kind of gingerbread and candy.

So we went the graham cracker and icing route.  With all the candies that we love.  And spent ridiculously less money. 


Except for getting it all home and realizing that actually following through on the activity was going to recquire me to take another Prozac.

But I put on my big girl britches and littered the table with the bevy of materials. 

And we got our gingerbread on.

And we licked our fingers.

And munched on M&Ms and Nerds.

And got more sprinkles on the floor than we did on our houses.

This is more of a Gingerbread Shanty.

Lovely, aren't they?

And so worth the trouble and the mess.

Because tonight we giggled together.  And no one argued.  And we had sugar for dinner.

Good times.


Mich said...

Too much fun...I remember making them with you and all the kids at mom's one christmas.

the kids have come a long way in their building skills.

Mich said...

Oh and by the way...Mrs. Grinch better stay at home when I see you Christmas. :)

theelizabethhighsmith said...

Oh Wow! Is there room in the inn? Seriously, I'll bunk in the shanty--hello yummy lane!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I didn't grow up doing gingerbread houses. I've looked for a kit but haven't found one (I'm sure I'm looking in the wrong place!) Why didn't I think of just putting it together like this? Brilliant!

Andrea said...

We're making gingerbread houses at my friend's house this Saturday. When she offered I was thinking, sure we can mess up your house instead of mine! Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Amb - you missed the memo. Aparently you were supposed to remove your shirt before having your photo taken. ;-)

Alison said...

Haha - I noticed either you made them strip before making them or they decided to do that on their own b/c they're boys. Looked like y'all had fun.

Gretchen said...

Marry Christmas, Rascals. Darling, darling, darling.

mimi said...

Great creations! I love how each have their own flare :)

Jessica said...

It may be a shanty, but it looks very roomy! I may have to go buy supplies now, I've yet to make one with Ave. Marry Christmas!

Tiffani said...

These pictures made me miss y'all more (if that's even possible). I seriously have teary eyes!!!

I miss all those faces being right here with me!!!

Those DO look incredibly yummy and you seriously have extra bonus double mama points for doing those!

I love you!

Tiffani said...

ps--love that all the boys are shirtless..

pss--love the label for this post and ditto..

Jim said...

I can see it now. Christmas is going to elevate my sugar-level just through the picts that you and Mich have been displaying. How will I survive the tribe being in the same house with me? Fortunately, the sweetness that you girls are is very healthly and even the rascals of both of your tribes are acceptable sweetening, as well. Looking forward to a great time this week.
Love you,


Nina Diane said...

awww...they are beautiful. I'm sure your boys enjoyed it!