You Think I Can Keep This Up?

I've done it. I've taken the plunge. Something that I said I would never do...here I sit, pecking away, entering this crazy world of the "BLOG"! I'm notorious for starting things like this and not always following through with them. I can't tell you the number of journals and diaries that are spread throughout my house, in drawers and cabinets, with empty pages. All because I got busy one day and didn't write in it...only for that to spiral into a vicious cycle. Maybe I'll do better with this. Some accountability...since you guys are reading it. I'm hoping this will be an outlet for me. A way to reach out to old and new friends.

The family is good. Rowdy, but good. Right now the three boys are karate-chopping each other in the living room. I'm waiting for the scream that is my signal to intervene. Until then, I'm letting them be boys. I always thought I wanted a little girl to dress in hair bows and eyelet dresses...but, I think God knew I needed to be a mom of boys. The rough and tough is what guides our days and I can't imagine being prissy if I try. Amazing that God knows what He's doing!! LOL! :)

Kirk is working hard as usual. Hardly see him, but I guess that is how it goes. I went on a business trip with him last week just to spend some time with him. We went to Colorado and had an amazing time. I was able to sleep late, watch what I wanted to on TV, eat at expensive restaurants where I couldn't pronounce the names of the food that I was putting in my mouth, and hold hands walking down the street with my husband, rather than someone under the age of 8! People asked if I missed my kids while I was there. You know, I did, but I think I'm a much better mom if I have a break from them. I certainly appreciate them more.

Ahhh...the scream. I'm being signaled to referee the karate kids! I can also hear someone hollering about being hungry. Must be time to go. What was that I just said about appreciating them?!?! :)


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hi Amber! I am SO happy you're blogging because it's my favorite way to keep up with people these days.

It was great to see you guys last week. Glad you got to head west and see the mountains. I think you probably understand why I love it here don't you?

Aaron said...

Welcome to Blogger!

Stephanie said...

I bet you do better than me keeping up with it!!!!