My Something New

I'm trying something new. Yup. Come to think of it...a few somethings new. Started this blog. That's new. Tried a new shampoo. That's new. And I'm GOING CAMPING! That is very new. The last time I went camping I was on a youth group trip with an over-zealous youth group leader who thought it would be fun to stick all of us city-girls in a tent together knowing full well that it was supposed to rain that night. And it did rain...a lot. He also purposefully (and I know it was on purpose!) booked the campsite that was the furthest from the bathroom--if you could even call it that. I swore that day to never camp again. So what happened? I'll tell you what happened. My boys happened.

Our oldest son, Keaton, is one for adventure. Well, not really adventure, just doing something that seems cool. He also is the first one back in the house if that something ends up not being cool. But, I guess he saw or heard of someone camping and thought that it must be done! Kirk and I have been putting him off for months, trying to get by with the whole "we'll camp in the backyard" thing. He probably would have been satisfied, but then I stepped up! Yes, me!! Hater of all things camping!! I got on-line, and before I could talk myself out of it, I had done it. I booked for us...a campsite. You have to pay when you book it, so there was no turning back after I pushed the button on the keyboard. I did have a slight rush of panic, but worked through it.

We go next week. On Kirk's birthday. Keaton says that according to the X's on his calendar it is in 7 more days. 7 days to prepare for something that I have no idea how to prepare for. Kirk got a tent...a really huge tent. I think he had a lapse in brain function when he bought it, but I have to say, we'll have the best darn tent out there! It has different rooms...who knew?!?! We tried to set it up in the living room for the kids to sleep in one night, and it won't fit. If you've been to my house, you know we have a pretty large living room. The tent is close to a parachute monster. Other than that, we pretty much don't have anything. I think we have a camping stove...somewhere. So, this week, I'm going to search the web and find friends who actually camp so that I can figure out what the heck to bring on our trip. Any must haves...let me know, because I'm clueless! Kirk probably knows what to bring, but won't remember to tell me until we are already out there and he remembers he needs it!! :)

So, trying something new. Could be fun. Could be a disaster. I was smart enough to book at the lake by our house. So, if it rains...I'm going home!!!!!!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh, oh, oh...I LOVE camping!

First thing on your list should be an air mattress or sleeping bag pad. There is nothing worse than sleeping on the hard, bumpy ground.

Hey, I'm going to link you to two friend's blogs who are camping lovers. They have some great food ideas!



We often grill burgers on a grate over the fire, and hot dogs or brats on a stick (metal one get HOT though so watch out for little fingers and hands!)

If I think of anything else great, I'll send it your way!


Poohpa said...

As you know, we're going camping next Monday - for a week - on air mattresses, yet, and in Wyoming. But ours will be all over the floors of an Indian Baptist Church!
But you knew that - just remember your experience there. Especially the surgical procedure you experienced - then be careful out there!