Teach Me, O Young Ones...

Okay, so I've had my niece and nephew here all week...they go home tomorrow...and here are all the things that I've learned this week (well, that I can remember!)...

  1. My car stinks...I was informed that my car has a "funny" smell like rotten fruit snacks. I had no idea.
  2. I should do something about the ants and bugs...living in the country apparently isn't a good enough reason for having them.
  3. I should have bought 5 boxes of pancake mix instead of 4.
  4. I have no idea what I would do to entertain kids if it weren't for video games.
  5. I should have bought stock in Totino's Pizza Bites...we've ate our weights!
  6. I'm cool because I know how to roller skate...c'mon, Michele, it's not cool to always sit behind the camera!
  7. Strawberry Kool-aide is the best kind...they have drank 9 gallons in 6 days...no lie.
  8. Shopping with a 6th grade girl is lots of fun...I'll just have to enjoy my girl time with Kayla...ain't gonna happen any other way!
  9. I should clean out the toys from underneath my couch...they're right. What they don't know is that I sometimes leave them under there on purpose! HA! Now you know my little secret!
  10. I spend way too much time on the computer...again, they're right. What they don't know is that Blogger and FaceBook have been my sanity-saver this week!!!! :)
  11. My house must be more fun than their house...they want to stay another week with me and cried when their mom said "no." I must be cool!

So, Kay and Jor go home tomorrow. I'm kind of sad to see them go. This has been a long week, but a really fun one, too. It was fun to see the cousins enjoying each other (even though there was a whole lot of fussing).

Love them.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Glad you survived! You guys should take turns trading kids every summer!

You're so nice to make your kids pancakes for breakfast.

mich said...

Ok, so I'm back! Can't wait to see my kids today! I'm very THANKFUL Amb, for having them this week! However, do you have to be over the top fun? They didn't even miss me:) I'm thankful they had a blast and were in your care. It certainly made my life easier not having to worry about them! Love ya!