Still Tired...

(I need to preface this post by telling my sweet sister Michele that I really do love her kids and that they are being really good for me!!)


I've had my niece and nephew for a couple of days now and we are really having a great time, but I'm tired. I just don't think I'm cut out for so much entertaining. Not that Kayla and Jordan are high-maintenance...they're not...it is just different when you have other kids in your house for a long period of time. They are still getting accustomed to certain rules we have, so it just feels like I'm constantly on my feet to go and check on everyone. (On my feet, because I've been sitting at the computer way too much these past few days due to my new FaceBook addiction!)

For instance, my kids can play ball in the house...yikes! am I freaking anybody out yet?...but, we have certain rules about how hard and how high they can throw the ball (that comes from one too many of my pictures getting knocked off the wall!). So, today I heard LOUD noises coming from my living room...go in and there is a HUGE game of DodgeBall going on. Wow! What Fun! Only that the balls are going a lot higher and a lot harder than usual!! My boys had told Jordan that we could throw balls in the house, but they had forgotten to tell him the rules. AND...they evidently forgot the rules, too!! So, needless to say, I had to leave my BlogSpot/FaceBook perch to intervene.

We did go see a movie today (the theatre in Hot Springs does Kid Flicks--where they show old movies for dirt cheap and you can get $1 popcorn and sodas, but the kids think that they are doing something really fantastic!!) and we went bowling. Oh, we also ate at the IHOP which is one of most fav restaurants in the world!! Love those pancakes!!

So, although I'm exhausted, Michele, we're making it great! Don't worry about us!! Your kids are the greatest and I love them to pieces! Right now all five are spread out on sleeping bags watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. I can hear them laughing together...what a beautiful sound! Makes the DodgeBall game all worth it!!!


Stephanie said...

You want two more to throw in the mix?

Just remember you have 5 Michelle has 87 teenagers. I think that you have it much easier :)

Jennifer said...

Sounds like the kiddos are making lots of good memories. Makes it all worth it!

Mama to Belle and Scooter said...

Sounds like you had lot of fun! Where is that cheap theatre in HS? I didn't even know about it!