I Survived...and Liked It!!

I don't even know who I am anymore.

No really. It wasn't very many years ago (okay...days ago) that I was spouting off about not being up for camping...and certainly not tent camping. I didn't think I could rough it. I wasn't that type of girl.

Now? Mark July 14, 2008, on the calendar as the official day of the "New Me!" I survived an entire 4 days of tent camping; braved bugs and critters; took only 2 showers; came home with cricket guts and fish blood under my fingernails; listened to a raccoon have a late-night snack in our trash; and shared the restroom the entire time with a foot long blue-tailed lizard and a wolf spider whose web was spun right over the mirror. I'm so proud of myself.

Know what else? I LIKED IT!!!!!!

It was by far one of the most relaxing, peaceful, and wonderful vacations I have ever had. No lie. I was so hesitant at first, with so many pre-conceived notions going into the weekend, that I was becoming very apprehensive and very unnerved about the whole thing. But, the moment we pulled up to our campsite -- it all went away.

We had the prime spot. Our site was completely shaded by beautiful trees, and it had the most perfect little trail down to the lake with our own private beach. DeGray Lake is so gorgeous. It is one of my most favorite places on earth. It was so amazing to sit by the lake in the evenings and watch the sunset, and to wake up early and sit by the water and enjoy the cool breezes. To talk to God out there...like that...must be pretty close to Heaven. It was amazing.

My previous worries about thinking we brought too much stuff were quickly quieted when the people in the site next to us moved in. These people were ridiculous. They unloaded no less then a dozen fans. And one was one of those huge shop fans. Crazy. They also had a refrigerator...what happened to coolers? So, I fast felt like a pro-camper compared to those people. These were also the same people that kept us up one night fighting over blankets in their tent. Late night entertainment.

Our tent ended up being so great. We had the gigantic monster tent with the 3 different rooms. So nice. Kirk and I had an air mattress in one of the little rooms and the boys had all their sleeping bags in the other. We used the big open part to just put our stuff in and be able to walk around. Good job, Kirk! You did good!!

Kirk's mom and dad came Friday evening and brought our niece and nephew, Moriah and Dawson. What great entertainment for the boys!! The kids had a blast swimming, fishing, playing horseshoes and cards, and hanging out around the campfire.

We didn't do as much on-the-lake fishing as we thought we would. Kirk, Pop, and Moriah went bow-fishing Friday night. Don't think they shot much. Kirk and the boys put out noodles Sunday night, and when they went back and checked them this morning -- they had 2 catfish! Yeah! They ate those for lunch today! But, other than that...we just fished off the bank at our campsite. That was a blast! There weren't any fish there worth keeping, but it was so much fun because every time you cast a cricket in -- you got a bite. The fish were sooooooo tiny. Kirk and I were having a who-can-catch-the-smallest-fish contest this morning...he won. Ugh! That kind of fishing is a lot of fun for the kids, too...not boring at all!!

I was really sad today when it was time to pack up. I wasn't ready to go yet. I giggled at myself a few times thinking how crazy it was that I was feeling that way. My mother-in-law was teasing my this weekend about never having done something like this 10 years ago. Amazing how we grow isn't it?

I was able to read Redeeming Love this weekend. I know God orchestrated my waiting to read that book for this time. What a beautiful experience reading such an inspirational and message-speaking book when I was in a place of feeling so tremendously close to the Creator! Thank you, Jesus, for saving that book for me for this weekend...You knew what You were doing!!!!!! (If you haven't read it...oh, my goodness...please do! You'll never be the same.)

Well, here are a few picts from our big trip!! Can't wait to go back!! (Did I just say that? Yup!! Can't wait!!!!!)
This is the beach just off of our site. So pretty. Those are the kids swimming in the water.

This is the monster.

We played LOTS of cards. Here are Sawyer and Kirk playing a rowdy game of Crazy Eights. That is my father-in-law in the cowboy hat.

Here is Keaton with the rock fort he created.

Whew! Tate was all tuckered out after swimming one day and fell asleep in the chair. Must be tough to relax so much! :)

We really did have an amazing time. The kids made it just fine without TV and video games for 4 whole days. Miracles do happen! It was so refreshing to be away from all those conveniences and just enjoy each other. I'm so blessed.

Oh, by the way...if you were wondering...NO SNAKES!! :)


mich said...

Yeah! You broke the family curse! No one got sick or hurt!!! I'm so happy you had a good time! See ya soon! Jordan is driving me crazy with excitement over the boys coming to see us...

Ben said...

You sound like A proper confirmed Goodrum Now!

A big Hi from some of the UK Goodrums who are also Into the whole outdoors scene, I've not got my wife in a tent yet but I'mm working on it.
Now we have a son (Thomas) who is nine months old we can gang up on her and make her come along.

Love, Ben and Sarah Goodrum.

P.S. Are you aware that our bloodline is supposedly of Viking "Royalty" who landed on the East coast of the UK and Conquered it (Norfolk UK) they were the Guthrums aparently.
Let me know if you heard anything contrary to that.
And how did the Goodrums get to America and when?

Jennifer said...

That's so great you enjoyed your time so much! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Stephanie said...

That's so great!!!! I'm glad you got to read redeeming love. I couldn't put it down. It's funny to see how we change. I camped growing up and now I can't see my self doing it unless it's in a big nice air conditioned camper.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Well, now you just need to pack up your big tent and try camping in Colorado! You up for that? I know a fun family that would love hanging out with you guys!

DeGray is one of my favorite spots on earth too...right up there with Estes Park.

So glad you loved Redeeming Love. It's one of my most favorite books!