I Heart Baseball!

I love baseball. I mean I really do. There is just something about that game that makes me happy. Not only do I actually love the competition of a good game, but I love all the "stuff" that goes with it. I love broken-in gloves and grimy baseballs littering the floorboard of my van. I love dirty cleats on my kitchen floor. I love ball hats and batting gloves. I love washing uniforms at all hours of the night, so that they can be worn again the next day. And I love that my boys love baseball. I'm a great bleacher mom. I can scream and holler with the best of 'em. Taking the words of my good friend, "I almost climb the fence" I get so excited. Our spring season of baseball is over now, and I can hardly wait for fall ball. If I ever become one of those moms that complains about the long baseball hours...remind me of this post.

I had just about moved baseball out of the entryway of my mind and into the guest bedroom, and then tonight happened. Our good friends (the fence-climbing ones) have a son that is on the All-Star team. They played tonight for the District Championship. Being as we love baseball and we love their family, we went to the game. They won!! Hooray!! This is where I insert a big CONGRATULATIONS to their team! I tell you those boys can play some really good ball. And that ballpark was not the place to go, if you are trying to detox your system from this very intoxicating game.

A little bit of sadness pecks at my heart about my own kids not making it as far as All-Stars this year, but that really isn't important. My kids love baseball. Sawyer eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball. Keaton wants to be a baseball player and an inventor when he grows up. And Tate says baseball is "glate." That is what is really important, isn't it? The passion about this great American sport that serves as a diving board for all kinds of dreams.

Although, I was really posting this to give congrats to the All-Star team and wish them luck at State next week, it has taken me down memory lane a bit. Here are a couple of pictures of my sluggers during their season.

That's Keaton slugging away for the Yankees. Sawyer was manning first base for his Tigers T-Ball team. And that's Tate...involved in an exciting game of backyard baseball.

Did I mention that I love baseball? I'm hungry...kinda want a hot dog!! :)


mich said...

Love the pictures! They are some of the best looking ball players, that's for sure! What are you going to do next year when Tate plays??? I'm glad you love the sport, because you will NEVER be at home and will live at the ball park! You might as well set up that new tent of yours out there on the field!:)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Girl, you DO love baseball!

LOVE the pics...your boys are adorable!