My Week in Review


  • went to the WaterPark with a good friend. My friend has girls, and since my boys believe in cooties, they weren't too thrilled with the company. I, however, enjoyed talking to my friend and soaking up some rays.
  • I might have cleaned a toilet or two. I can't really remember.
  • the kids went to a neighborhood church's VBS. Tate cried when I dropped him off, but it was only for my benefit. I also met a neighbor of mine for the first time in the 8 years we've lived in this house. I realized that I'm a terrible neighbor...new goal -- be a better neighbor. Maybe I'll make a pie.
  • went to Kirk's softball game. They won -- only because the other team forfeited. First time they've won all season. Hooray! (I already had this published, and Kirk read it...now I have to edit it. He says that they have won one other game...so I stand corrected.)


  • started this blog
  • ran some errands in town -- had to deal with the grouchy lady at the revenue office. She really could be nicer -- I just needed new tags.
  • my very good friend left for Mexico today. I felt pangs of envy all day.
  • kids went back to VBS -- met another neighbor. I'm beginning to feel really bad.
  • ate dinner with Kirk and watched a movie while the kids were gone. How nice! I didn't have to tell Kirk to eat over his plate one time!!


  • ran around the driveway -- how embarrassing! (if you missed that post, scroll down)
  • tackled the laundry monster that was lurking in the laundry room -- I barely came out alive.
  • kids went back to VBS
  • went to the All-Star District Championship baseball game -- they're going to State. I love baseball so much!


  • went to the WaterPark with my good friends. Keaton and Sawyer went down the blue water slide for the first time, but it was 5 minutes before time to go. Haven't heard anything but how badly they want to go back there to slide again since. Beginning to wish they hadn't slid down it.
  • went to the kids' program at their VBS. Tate wouldn't sing. He sat with me. At the fellowship afterwards I met lots of neighbors -- this is getting ridiculous!
  • Kirk decided that he was going to put in a batting cage in our backyard. I think he's had his mid-life crisis a decade or two too early.


  • spent America's birthday at the lake. Love it there.
  • watched the fireworks from the boat...truly amazing! Never seen a better show -- can't say the same for Tate...he fell asleep.


  • found out that my favorite $5 pizza place in town no longer sells $5 pizzas. They are now $5.99. Ugh.
  • kids went to a friend's house while Kirk and I...
  • floated the river. That's right...I said floated the river. I don't really like floating, but did it anyway. Wasn't too bad. Went with some of Kirk's friends from work. I saw one snake and it almost rained on us. But I was entertained by a lot of drunk rednecks who were also on the river -- very interesting group of people. Probably won't go back.
  • went to Walgreens that night to make use of some weekly coupons that were about to go out. Love that coupon shopping!! Found JellyBelly Popsicles (I didn't have a coupon for those, but bought them anyway!) and they are yummy!
  • started watching a movie with Kirk, but fell asleep...I was tired.


  • wanted to stay in my bed (still tired!), but made myself get up and iron every one's church clothes.
  • had nursery duty at church today and got to keep 2 cute visitor's kids. One was a tiny baby girl...really loved holding her!! But, Kirk and I decided it was fun to play with her for an hour and give her back. We don't have to change diapers at our house anymore and it is so nice!
  • ran by the feed store so Kirk could pick up a tool or something. Kids were disappointed that there were no baby chicks or rabbits.
  • took a nap.
  • Kirk and boys went outside to work on odd jobs, and I started cleaning the house. I had burned some tea in one of my good pots the other day, so I spent about an hour scrubbing the bottom of it. I still didn't get it clean. So frustrating.
  • Getting ready to give showers and put the boys in bed, so I can go to bed. I might try to finish that movie I started...


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Sounds like you had a fun/busy/entertaining week!

I cannot watch a movie anymore without falling asleep. Unless it's in the middle of the day. Pathetic, huh? I usually have to break it up into two nights...and don't even ask how many movies I start and never finish.

Hey...try this stuff called Barkeeper's Friend on your pot. A sample came with some of my cookware, and it works wonders. You can buy it at Walmart...it's in a can like Comet.

mich said...

Like I've said before, you are the "fun" one...I would rather crawl up with a good book, then face the heat, snakes and drunk rednecks:) Of course on the homefront, I face danger everyday...I bet my laundry monster is bigger than your laundry monster!
By the way, how close do they have to live by you to be considered a neighbor?
Love ya!
Have a great week!