Words of Wisdom Regarding Woofers

I read the books of Proverbs today.

Because I was sure that there had to be a verse in there somewhere that dealt with the foolishness of people who do foolish things regarding pets.  (What with all the foolishness that Solomon speaks of and all.)

Maybe something like:

Those who send back perfect canines will be considered fools.


Foolish is she who rejects the perfect pooch.

I was looking, because I think I might just have made the most foolish mistake in pet ownership history.

Because today......I sent Lunabelle back. 

That dog didn't jump on my furniture.  She didn't eat my shoes.  She didn't use my floor as a latrine.  She didn't bark.  She didn't whine.  She shook hands.  She sat when you told her to. 

She really was THAT good.

And I sent her back.

Foolish is she who rejects the perfect pooch.

But as perfect as she was, she just didn't jive with our rough and rowdy bunch.  Mainly because....well....she wasn't rough and rowdy.

You see, the ONLY problem with Miss Lunabelle is that Miss Lunabelle doesn't like to play.

And in our house....playing (or at least pretending to play) is a requirement. 

Lunabelle didn't even fake on the playin' side.  She just walked around, laid around, and laid around some more.

And this morning in our family meeting that was held to make the big decision on adoption or not, all three boys along with their mama and their daddy admitted reservations.

And any reservation is enough reservation for me.  Because I'm not going to house a new family member if she isn't going to pull her weight.  Just sayin'.

It really all boiled down to us realizing that even though she was on all accounts PERFECT...she wasn't perfect for us.

And so we are back to square one with the dog hunt. 

And we are trusting fully that our dog is out there.  A dog that fits our family like a glove.  That plays with the kids and doesn't eat my shoes.  That is fun but not filthy. 

And so we will keep looking.

And I will keep listening to all of you tell me that I have done lost my ever-lovin' mind. 

Go on.  Hit me with your best shot.

I'm ready.


Mich said...

Although I'm kind a sad you sent her back, I totally understand, for she sounds like a Babygirl kind of dog, and rough housing just isn't their kind of thing.

Hope you find the perfect puppy for you.

Love ya much!

Nina Diane said...

smart move....we had a dog, Wiley boy...and he did not play. He was only a year old but he just didn't play! It was no fun for the kids and he ended up just being my shadow...like, omgosh.......my shadow!! you'll find the right one...just keep looking.

Jessica said...

=( Sorry it didn't work out. She was a lovely dog. I've been looking for another furbaby, although I know there's not gonna be one like my sweet Ella. I have come across sooo many that I know need a home but, none yet that just seem like "the one". Good luck on your search!

Anonymous said...

It's okay. Your dog is out there. And if he doesn't shape up and calm down, your dog may be in his kennel in my kitchen.

You are exactly right to make sure you get the perfect fit.

They say when you meet the right dog you just know he's the one. ;)

Bless your sweet tender heart. Lunabelle's going to be okay and you will too.

Jennifer said...

Darn that Lunabelle for not bein' a Rebel Rouser (or in your case, a Rascal Rouser)!!

I feel very privileged to have met her, but I totally get why you took her back!!

Prayin' for the perfect pooch!!

Love ya'll!!

Jim said...

No shots from me cuz I know your heart. Not a selfish one either. For Lunabelle, I bet. Well, I believe you did the right thing, and certainly the family reservations, including the rascals should eliminate regret. And Lunabelle will be ok, I'm sure. I really figured when you called and told me what you were going to do, that you'd come home with another prospective adoptee. Out of all those 200,000,000 you didn't find him? You are picky, aren't you? HA

Happy huntin'


Gretchen said...

Hard, hard, hard. I'm so sad for you b/c I know that was a hard decision. Sad for her b/c I know she just wants to be loved. It was a kindness to her that you took her back so that she could be someone else's perfect dog. For you all deserve the best, and so does she. xxxooo

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

I would so gladly trade you my two playful, crazy Shih-Poos for your one docile, lazy Lunabelle! But, hey, I don't blame you one bit, and I don't think Solomon would either by the way. A dog has to be a reflection of the family with which it lives. If I had little ones who wanted to play, the last thing I'd want is a wet blanket lying around all day. I'm sure Lunabelle will be just fine elsewhere! Somewhere where everyone likes to just sit around and watch tv.

Jo said...

I'm sorry that beautiful pooch didn't work out for you. I'm sure Lunabelle will find a good home, just right for her. And you all will find just the right one for your little rascals to have fun with. I adopted a little one several years ago, but I'd never heard of trying one out before you committed to it. I like that idea, 'cuz you just never know how they will be until they're away from the shelter and in your home. Hope you find a playful one soon.

Aunt Jo

Jennifer said...

I love your heart.

Carpool Queen said...

Whimzie made me laugh. I think she tried to pawn off her dog on me while I was there two months ago - I see she's still trying....

Tiffani said...

Darlin' girl.

It's certainly a tough decision to make but you know what...you do what you feel led to do as a parent and as a family, and that's what you did! Give yourself some grace...

Lunabelle is gonna get the perfect home for her and you all will find the perfect dog for you.

Every ting's gon' be aight (Bob Marley) ;)

I heart my Arkadelphia family like crazy and I'll heart whatever you pup you end up picking too!

Marla Taviano said...

This is why I just can't commit to getting a dog right now (no matter how much my 7yo begs). I think I'm just going to wait until things slow down and I'm really bored.

Kendra said...

At least you made the wise decision to foster first, just to make sure she was a fit in your family. Totally understand it. The rascals need to raise a rascally dog. Who won't eat your shoes or scratch up your nice new floor.