Catch-Up .... All For Jim-Dad

Jim-Dad called the other night making sure that we were still alive because I hadn't posted lately.  I didn't think much about the fact that I had taken a mini-hiatus, but apparently my absence from the blogosphere stresses my parental unit. 

I called Jim-Dad and Sweet Mama last night and assured them that we all were still breathing....

And Jim-Dad asked when I was going to blog again. 

Gotta love him.

My sabbatical was really only due to busyness.  And my wonky internet provider and its crazy rules about fair sharing of Internet time something-or-other.  I really don't understand it, I just know it annoys the jackheck out of me when the boys suck up all my time by playing all those farm games on FaceBook.  And after a whole day of harvesting cows and feeding corn and sending pigeons to people, my internet runs slower than dial-up.  And to deal with the stress of slower than snail pageloads, I just shut the lid, unplug, and do laundry.  Hmmmm....come to think of it...maybe it is all an evil plot by the husband to keep fresh undies in his drawer. 

Thankfully we've been pretty busy lately so it has relatively kept my mind off of the conspiracy being formed against me and all my social networking outlets.

Our family has taken to Family Movie Night every Friday.  Well, it really is The Kids and Mom Movie Night, because Daddy is usually snoring on the couch.  But at least we're all in the same room together.  This past Friday night, we snuggled down to watch Night At The Museum 2, which was a mistake only because the boys had seen it before and were bombarding me with "Watch this part!" and "Do you want me to tell you what's going to happen?" through the entire.thing. 

Note to self:  Only rent movies the boys have.not.seen.yet.

On Saturday the boys had their last basketball game for the season which couldn't make me happier.  I'm all about watching the boys play and all, but eight o'clock games on a Saturday morning take me to my nasty place. 

That evening the husband and I headed out for a night with the besties.  It was Mr. Lisa's Little Slice of Life's birthday, so we celebrated by doing some things that were very non-Baptist.  We went to the horse races (Gasp!) and caught the very last race of the day, but still enjoyed watching the horses run.  And you can't find better people-watching than at the races.  Seriously....it might just top the airport.  After the races, we went and did a very Baptist thing.  We ate.  Baptists like to eat.  And Baptists really like to eat Cajun food. 
After eating, we went to a little hole-in-the-wall to go dancing.  (Double Gasp!)  Technically, I should say we "functioned."  Because that's the Baptist thing to say....but really, we just danced.  Lisa and I love to dance, and luckily, we have husbands that humor us by taking us out to shake our groove things.  Judge if you must...but it's good therapy for me. 

Moving on.  And I won't use the word "Baptist" anymore.  I promise.


Sorry.  Had to do it.

Sunday let me rock sweet snuggly babies in the nursery at church.  I adore nursery duty.  Because I get to smell that sweet baby smell and love on precious baby bodies, and then send those snuggly stinkers home with their mamas and I get to take a nap. 

The Super Bowl  on Sunday night was devastating for me.  I think I was the only person alive that wanted the Colts to win and wanted the Saints to suck snot, but my loyalty runs deep.  Peyton Manning and the rest of his buddies have been my main men for as long as I can remember, and I might also be in the habit of referring to Mr. Manning as my boyfriend.  So my devastation was severe when they pulled out a big.fat.loss.  It was compounded with all the taunting and horrific chanting of "Who Dat?" in my ear at our small group Super Bowl Party.  But I drowned my sorrows in cheese dip and burnt to a crisp thanks to me slightly overcooked pigs-in-a-blanket.

The past couple of days have been subject to the Internet conspiracy, so I filled my time with lots of housework, laundry, and the education of my children.  You know...all the stuff that I usually put off when my internet is working.  But, the days have been good despite my lack of outside communication.

And that brings me to today. 

The Internet is back in working order, the children have been banned from all things farm-related for the day, and I'm going to try to keep my mojo flowing.  Try being the key word there.

One thing is guaranteed....there won't be nearly as much laundry folded and put away now.  Because I have blogs to read.  And tweets to twitter.  And faces to book at. 

If you see me around these parts today....DO NOT ask me about the housework.  You'll just make me feel bad.

And bad isn't a color that works well for me.


Cathy said...

Girl, you make me laugh.

And I still feel like we live identical lives minus the homeschool thing, great remodel of '10 thing, and the whole witty-make-it-look-easy-as-pie (oh, pie sounds good!) to-write-a-blog-post thing.;)

Tip for today: When the rascals move in with I.T.T. to farm, LIT.ERALLY buy a camper and drive cross country with your flashlight on their chests while you call them Princess Jasmine, Ber-undon, and Sacajamea or Sack-in-the-box or Cinco de Mayo....or whatever.

And God bless the United States of "Don't Touch That Thing Right in Front of You".

Marla Taviano said...

This post? LOVE.

New Every Morning said...

Umm... please don't read my blog today, mkay?
I still want us to be friends.
Missed you

Mich said...

Yep! Dad called me Monday and wondered if I had heard from you... busy gal.

Love you much!

Jim said...

WHOOOOOOOOWRAAAAAAAAY! She's back in the saddle again. Back where a friend is a friend, yada, yada, yada!

Seriously, girl, you've got me hooked on "seeing" your "goings.on" and "rascalatin".
I mean we'ins is a.gwine rat.down cabin.feevered up.peer in the hills. and yore bloggity bloggin' on this heer infernal.net is all tha's keepin' us from thet funny farm them there rascals is a playin' with, don'cha no!

We love you.


theelizabethhighsmith said...

Dear Ty,

I can't mention this to Amber because it involves the word "house" and that word will give her a major case of the badness. Can't have that. But you oh King Extremeness of the House Makeovers. Please, oh pretty please highjack the women's blog and show us HER extreme homemaker. You can probably pay off her spawn with chickens and pigs for her computer password.

Thanks, Ty. And you're just so darn cute. Always wanted to tell you that.


Tiffani said...

Look at Jim-Dad cracking out the song lyrics and the "girl"...hilarious!

Honey, you can take little breaks any.time. you want..just don't let it be too long, of course!

Busy is good when you're spending it with family and friends!

Mush and grits, baby. Mush.and.grits.

Carpool Queen said...

Love to dance, er, foot function - And people watch at the horse races.

But not laundry.

Or watching movies with the boys. Because I really don't need them talking while I swoon over Spock.

Jennifer said...

So you're the girl that keeps bringing the crispy pigs!! ;) Wouldn't be a partay without 'em!!

So glad ya'll had fun "functionin"!! Can't believe I missed it AGAIN!! We are gonna have to light a fire under Mr.Danny Fo!!

Love ya friend!!

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Amber my parents are some of my most faithful blog readers too, and probably the only ones who would wonder what happened if I didn't post. Bless their sweet hearts.

And I love all the Baptist and non-Baptist stuff you did Saturday night. When I went to visit my aunt, who was attending Southern Seminary at the time, in Louisville, we went too. That was a lot of fun, but that was back in the 70s. And while I went to a state college and danced (other things), my husband went to a Baptist school where they had foot functions. What a hoot!

Glad to see you around again!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love to dance too. And I didn't really know that until recently. The Glee soundtrack is what I'm dancin' to these days.

When do we get to see the big room reveal? I didn't miss it, did I?

Gretchen said...

I think it's so sweet that your dad cares enough to comment about your not blogging in a few days. What a treasure that relationship is. Gladdy for the dancin', and I've got news...we nondenoms have our share of the lurve of food, too. :) Back off Baptist. That cookie is mine! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The comment above me gives us all a lot to ponder, doesn't it?

I'm glad you had to take a little break. Not because I don't love each and every post, but because I haven't had much internet time as of late and I hate missing the parties, especially if pig in a blanket are involved.

I like the second Nights movie even better than the first. So much so that I'm one of the obnoxious ones saying lines with the kids.

So sorry your team lost the Super Bowl. HA HA HA HA HA! Well I almost made it through that without laughing. Snort.