Me and Mr. Schue

Please know that I see the complete irony of my profession of lobsterage with the husband in my last post, and then today's.  It's how I tend to roll.  And, lucky for me, the husband is quite secure with all of my extra-marital affairs with fictitious characters. 


Possibly the best show ever.  It is actually quickly gaining speed to overtake my beloved Friends as my all-time favorite.  I never thought I'd say that.  Definitely feels like infidelity.  Like I'm trading one Rachel for another. 

What I adore most about GLEE, though, is that it is High School Musical for grown-ups.  And I love me some Wildcats.  Drama and showtunes all wrapped up together just rocks.  And when you add pretty people....well...just shut the window and call me Edgar.

It is also possible that I enjoy a heaping helping of the GLEE gang because of Mr. Schuester.  Swoon.  Like in the category of Mr. Darcy's swoonage. 

See...he's very special, isn't he??? 

Now...switch gears and cut to this morning.

I had set my alarm for 4:45 a.m. for 15 minutes of snooze-allocation.  Then I could be up by 5; teeth brushed and tennis shoes laced up by 5:15; and to the gym by 5:30 to meet my gymeeps. 

Before I progress, let me chase another rabbit down a twisty trail.  It is a documented fact that if I awaken to a loud, harsh, blaring beeping then it takes me to a very nasty place.  So, I have always opted for the clock radio option when it comes to alarms.  It just ensures a longer lifespan for those around me.  But since Rosie has her iHome, I treat myself to a wakeup call from my playlists.  It's a party every morning now.

Back to this morning.

All I remember is that I was with Mr. Schue.  In the GLEE music room.  And Mr. Schue was singing "Endless Love" to me.  And I was swooning.

And then I was back in my bed.  And the clock said 5:30.  And I had slept 45 minutes while listening to Mr. Schue croon to me.

It was blissful.

Even if it made me uber late to the gym.

Luckily Lisa completely understands the beauty of the Mr. Schuester dreams and forgave me for leaving her high and dry on the elliptical. 

It's what friends are for.


Mich said...

I'm still struggling with the fact that you are a STAY AT HOME MOM and HOMESCHOOL your kids and you are getting up at 4:30 in the MORNING!!! Are you crazy?!!!

Now the dreaming about Mr. Glee, that I TOTALLY get!!!

Love ya!

Tiffani said...

I guess I should look at this as that we both have great test in men since you always seem to have the same boyfriend as me, I shouldn't be angry.

Glad Lis is so understanding ;)!

Beautiful pic!

Tiffani said...

Honduras: that should say "taste" in men.

Michele said...

Seriously? Replacing Friends? Girl, I think I may have to DVR. It can't be as funny as Friends?!? I'll let you know if I ever bite the bullet and watch it. You know once I sit down I tend to fall asleep. It's got to be really good to keep my attention. I'll keep you posted!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Tiff told me I was going to have to fight her for Mr. Schue. I guess I'm going to have to fight you for him too.

Do you have the soundtracks to Glee? Please tell me you do.

Have you ever watched Friday Night Lights? I think you'd like it too...and then you could add Coach Taylor to the same list that Mr. Schue and the lobster are on.

Anonymous said...

When is GLEE coming BACK ON?!?!



Sami said...

OK, I am a little bit traumatized. Wait. A lot bit. And I'm fragile and sick right now. Better than Friends? BETTER THAN FRIENDS??????????

Someone needs to be reintroduced to the Holiday Armadillo.

Gretchen said...

Endless Love was the first dance at my wedding, so I think I should win the Schue booty. Just keeping it real.