Fun little words to toss around the tongue.

What about bathetic?  Like pathetic...only not.


I think that's my favorite.

Yep.  Schmaltzy.

I'm feeling especially schmaltzy today.

I've been walking through the house in a weird stupor transferring my full-blown sobs to just sniffling snippets of tears.  My pendulum swings from rage to confusion to despondency.

And I have no idea why.

There really isn't a reason for the schmaltzy today.  It's just here.

School was a disaster that left me and the middlest in tears.  I had to put myself in timeout for fear that someone would lose an eye.  And it wasn't going to be me.  Schmaltzy.

My mind is swirling with conversations that I've had that have left me confused and angry and unsure about what to do next.  Unsure how to pray.  Unsure how to react.  Schmaltzy.

My heart is breaking for a family of a little girl that I don't even know.  I've been on my knees begging my Jesus for a miracle for a precious angel baby named Faith.  (My friend, Marla, tells about Faith's story here.)  And though I'm praying for Faith, my prayers naturally shift to pleading with my Jesus to spare my own children from such torment.  Schmaltzy.

The laundry isn't finished.  And everytime I walk past the laundry room....schmaltzy.

The boys are having a hard time liking eachother today.  And in all honesty, I don't like them very much today either.  Schmaltzy.

I miss my mom and dad.  I miss my sister and her family.  I miss my Georgia Peach of a bestie.   Schmaltzy.

I don't know why the schmaltzy days come out of nowhere.  I went to bed last night giggly and lighthearted, and woke up today feeling crushed by an intangible weight.

I guess the schmaltzy days humble us.
And bring us to our knees.
And cause us to remember that we need Jesus.....on the most schmaltzy and un-schmaltzy of days.  And all the days in between.



Cathy said...

I'm so sorry, my dear. I know how you feel more days than I care to count.

So (yes this is related), I watch Private Practice (after Grey's Anatomy. Shhhh. Don't tell!) and a recent episode talked about finding your "anyway friend" and marrying them.

Anyway Friend:
Is the one person in your life, whom
No matter what you say or do
No matter what they've been through with you
Will love you anyway.

Well it occurs to me on days like these that we, as Christians, are already married to our "Anyway Friend"and He's just waiting for His bridezilla (talkin' to myself here) to fall into His arms and let Him do what He does best...love on us.

Hope you feel Him lovin' on you! Oh...and I love ya too.:)

Cathy said...

On a different note...all your unique words made me think of the movie "Love Happens" w/ Jennifer Aniston. Have you seen it yet? I thought it was really cute.

Redbox, baby.

Carpool Queen said...

Let's throw our boys all in a room together, lock the door, and then sit in a corner and talk about how we survive the next 8 years.

Or the next 8 minutes.

Schmaltzy, indeed.

Sami said...

I feel floopy a lot. Excessively observant, neurotically energetic and continually versatile. (Meaning picky, restless and mood-flipping. Anxiety. But I like my spin on it.)

Last night, Frank was reading through Psalms as I flip flopped around and turned my back on him and kicked my feet and said no, no, no over and over. I would rather freak out about the noise I heard outside that I knew was someone coming to get me. And then he read something about lying down in peace and sleeping because He alone will keep you safe.

Schmaltzy...floopy...whatev. We just need to figure out how to rest in peace.

Mich said...

I love you.

New Every Morning said...

Girl, are we living the same life in a parallel universe (aka, different states)?
This was my post for today. In fact, I couldn't even post because I was just too tired. The Mister got to deal with a full blown momma meltdown when he got home from work.

I'm chalking it up to hormaltzy. Know what I mean?

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Here's to hoping tomorrow is more like smarvelous or smoochilichious or something. Anything but schmaltzy! Bless your sweet heart, hang in there!

Jim said...

Soooooo Sooorry! I miss you, too! Wish you were going with me Sunday to Israel. Pray for me - I'm going to be with Ray day and night for 12 days straight. No telling how I will come out. He's probably saying the same thing. The group has heard us enough to understand that all of them are in for it with the two of us along. Anyway, I love you, smaltzy or no.

Jim Dad

The Bowden's said...

Big hugs to you! We all have those days! I'm just thankful for the sunshine here in Germany or I was on the verge of losing it myself. Don't kill your boys! They're only this age once! :)

Michele said...

"Mama said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this Mama said, Mama said." That tune always strikes into my head when I'm having an off day. They do come, but praise God, they do go. I hope you wake up this morning and feel like 100% better. Sending a big cyber hug your way!!!

Marla Taviano said...

I know schmaltzy. Love you, friend!

Angie said...

Hubby will be so glad to hear my occasional condition has a name - SCHMALTZY!!! Hold on, cuz. The clouds will clear, you'll make it through and everything will seem more precious on the other side.
Love you!

Gretchen said...

Kinda had a schmaltzy sort of day here, today. Saturdays are the hardest days when Big is gone. They last forevah. Hoping your weekend is going well. BTW, I can hardly believe Rascal Academy is nearly one year old! You've done a BRILLIANT job, Amber. Lurve u! You rocketh!

Kellie said...

I know I'm four days late....I hope the schmaltzyness has subsided...those days are tough...praying for you!

Tiffani said...

How did I NOT comment on this post?! I read it!! I guess because we were talking so much through the schmaltz, I thought I did.

I am sad b/c I actually missed a post!! Forgive me?!?