We're Pregnant!! (Totally thought I could type that with a straight face.)

I forgot to take my Prozac yesterday.

And again this morning.

So I'm blaming my momentary loss of brain function and rational thinking on the absence of the drugs that keep me sane.

Because I just might have jumped off of this huge ledge and adopted a dog today.

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willus?

Yep.  I feel the same way.  Only I'm finding out that I'm kinda okay with the idea.  Strangely enough.  Actually a little excited.

This is how it all went down....

Our big ole outside dog has been gone for awhile now.  And our family was missing Ozzie something fierce.  Especially Mr. Animal Planet, Keaton.  Like snot and tears in the dentist office waiting room.  And in the store.  And in the car. And during dinner. And.And.And.

And somehow I decided (with a lot of his help, mind you) that having a new dog might ease our sadness a bit and help us get over the hump. 

So we headed over to the Humane Society to check out the local doggies.  Keaton has watched enough Animal Planet to be brainwashed very wisely know that there are millions of dogs that need good homes in shelters all over the U.S. (it is possible that I've heard this speech a time or two), so buying one was out of the question. 

We met several dogs.

There was this rowdy playful puppy that looked just like Sawyer.  Red hair and everything.  But he looked like he would eat my shoes in 3.4 seconds.  So we moved on.

There were 243,583,323 (give or take a few) big ole outside dogs.  No thank you.  Been there. Done that.  Had the teeshirt, but the rowdy pups we've had before ate it.

There was a precious little dog named Nikki that had just had hip surgery.  And she was as sweet as she could be, but we don't have the $1200 that Miss Nikki needs for the hip specialist that they were requiring her to see. Wowzers.

And then there was Lunabelle.  Well, actually there was Luna.  But we've renamed her.  Because I need more girly sounding business up in here.  (And props to Lunabelle's Auntie Tiff for naming her!)

A sweet looking mutt.  That's it.  Just a mutt.

But the most precious looking mutt I've ever seen.

According to the lady working at the shelter:  Lunabelle's family had to move; she's potty-trained; she never barks; and is a great inside dog.

And then I asked the lady what the catch was.  Because surely there was a catch.

Um. No.

Except that when we were at the shelter for our introduction, she peed 3 times and pooped once in the room.  Not exactly a great first impression.

Maybe it was just nerves.  Because everyone gets a little nervous when they are on an interview, right?

I signed the papers for a foster night with Lunabelle, and we brought her home for a test drive. 

And so far.....she's on go.

She hasn't peed on my new floors.  Score.
She hasn't barked once.  Score.
She already knows how to sit and shake.  Score.
She has lovely table manners.  Score.
She hasn't licked me in my face.  Score.
She stays off my new furniture. Score.
And she likes to watch television.  Score. 

I think we're going to get along just fine.

Welcome to the family, Lunabelle! 
(Unless you eat my shoes...and then you're outie!)


Tiffani said...

WOO HOO! I'm first to welcome my niece-y dog to the world!!! Oh, it'll be so great always retelling the story of how she was named!! ;)

She is so cutie pie!! Shugey is gonna LOVE her!!! I love seeing the boys with her...too sweet. I'm tellin' ya, I love me a sweet 'ol dog. You know how good ours is at leg warmin' and snugglin' and I'm sure Miss Lunabelle will be too!!

Welcome, sweet girl, now stay away from the shoes so you can stay innie, okay?!

Marla Taviano said...

Congratulations!! She's very cute and looks so soft.

And I'm sitting here trying to get over you not being pregnant.

Jim said...

Surprise! Surprise! From an "outie" to a real live "innie" -Soooooooo, Lunabelle's gonna be an inside member of the family? Now, in the van, does she get the back seat or the middle, or ride shotgun with you?

How old is she? She looks like she has a little Lab (pardon me, a big Lab!) So, no shoes, huh? Got any flea-bomb in stock?

Well, she looks nice and probably a lot happier with a family than in a group of 200,000,000 others dawgs. Looks like she took up with the boys real quick. My, what a big shelter you town has!


New Every Morning said...

Awww! Congrats, Mommaluna!
I love her name, btw.

She looks so content... so do your boys.
We adopted from a shelter and it was a great choice, especially since he came house trained too.

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Congratulations! She looks like a precious doggie. Let's hope it stays that way huh? Good luck!

Kendra said...

Such a sweet face!

Uh, is that our first glimpse at your house re-do or have I missed something?

Mich said...

First mom lets my dog in the house and on her carpet and now you have an INSIDE dog...WOW!!!

Of course when you got the cats, I about had a stroke too...especially after the marathon Kirk and BabyCat had once upon a day. Even if they stayed outside.

Hmmm...family holidays should be interesting from now on. congrats on the puppy...she's sweet looking.

Oh and as far as the post title...I was willing to believe you, almost, for you have always been that other 1%. :)

Love ya!

Alison said...

So sweet! Love dogs!

The Bowden's said...

Aw, she's precious! I know your boys are loving her! :)

Nina Diane said...

yeah!! so much fun adding a dog to the family