I mentioned my domestic-tivity yesterday

Fried chicken.  Clean sheets.  Hot breakfasts.  Folded towels in cabinets.   

I did cook chicken nuggets and BlueBox mac-n-cheese tonight just so as not to throw my family into a full blown shock from the healthy home-cooked from-scratch meals. 

Tonight though, I've been working on this.

I have a habit of starting things and then putting them away for awhile and then dragging them back out when the notion hits me.  And since I'm being all June Cleaver, then I dragged out the goods.

And I guess the boys thought it looked like fun.

And before I could lose my thread scissors for the 56th time, I was busy threading needles and tying off ends for the boys.

And smiling to myself as they tried to construct something out of leftover toille and black herringbone.  Cuties, I thought.

And then they showed me what they made.


The redheaded offspring made a shirt.  Albeit fit for a pirate wench, it is still a shirt.

And the eldest offspring made a pillow.  Complete with a monogram for his baby brother.

Impressed?  Me, too.

Their daddy?  Uh...not so much.


The Bowden's said...

OMG! Such talented cuties! :)

Jim said...

Did I ever tell you girls that when I was about Elem. School age and even a little older, not only did your Nanny have me helping her with the quilting projects she had - I was the one who got under the frame and passed the needle and thread back thru to the top for her - but each of us kids had our own "sewing box" (i.e., an empty Shredded Wheat box - wider and shorter than a reg. cereal box) with sewing necessities. These would be brought out on some of those winter days at home and she would instruct us on how to sew - buttons, scrap material. I have always appreciated the fact that I have the ability to do that when it is needed. I guess it's in the "genes/jeans" though I never remember creating any or any tops like Saw. Way to go, grands!
Interesting note: You weren't around then but I went on to be the department manager of Wards' Sewing machine department when I was in Seminary. Went to training on how to adjust the things. You never can tell!

Keep up the good work - you're definitely Nanny's "grand" child.

Andrea said...

Love that shirt!

On our next track break (December) I swear I am going to teach my girls how to use the little sewing machine we bought them LAST Christmas!

New Every Morning said...

"pirate wench" made me spew my chai latte

I'm impressed with the monogram... you know ANYTHING is tasteful with a monogram

"hubby not so much" made me spew again, because I think our men were separated at birth

Kendra said...

Those are good man-skills to have. Even cave men knew how to sew tiger skins in to a shirt! And do you know now annoying it is to have to sew on Wayne's missing buttons all the time? You are teaching them important husband skills! Their future wives will thank you!

Tiffani said...

I just love you Jim-Dad!! Will you adopt me Poopah?! What a sweet memory and time for you and I loved reading about it!

I love those Rascals, too! Kirk may be a little more privy to that shirt if you'd put it on!! ;)

They really are impressy!!!

Cathy said...

Well, I almost spewed coffee at Tiff's comment. You should def. "model" the pirate shirt for Kirk...he may change his mind about it AND you might get a smile from him.;)

And those adorable Rascals could teach me a thing or two. Handy with a needle, I.am.not. My poor hubby must reach for the sewing basket himself if he hopes to have a button sewed back on. I could do it, but it would be like pulling my teeth out one.by.one. with pliers.

I can tell you why I have such an aversion to it in private.

Jessica said...

What a beautiful quilt! I want to work up the nerve to do one by hand. but the memories of my home-ec teacher standing over me and using her little seam ripper to rip out all the stitches of my quilt square because "they were just entirely too big!"still haunts me. The pirate shirt rocks,and I love anything with a monogram! I agree that their wives will thank you one day. I love that my hubby isn't scared to sew on his own button.

Gretchen said...

Can I come over and do that quilt with you? Nobody wants to quilt in my neck of the woods. It's beautiful!

I happen to lurve your sewing wench men-children. Using all sides of the brain, I see. ;)

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I am so impressed by the rascals mad sewing skillz!

It's too bad they didn't have the pirate wench shirt for Halloween. It would look great with T's girly pants and turquoise boots. :)

Kellie said...

I love the English paper piecing hexagons...they are so fun (in a tedious kind of way!)

Love that you are teaching the boys some sewin' skillz. My preteen boy still enjoys sewing up sheath for swords, book marks for cousins, and all sort of things.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

bettcha didn't know i've been meaning to comment on all your blog posts! not very impressy of me, huh scrooge with the new tatoo! you're the cutest! happy candy eating! lots and lots of candy eating!

Mich said...

Your boys always make me smile. I love them to pieces.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I love it! Boys should learn how to sew as much as girls, especially at that age when all they realize is that it's fun:)

I think they did a fantatic job on their projects!

Wes said...

Amber, Do they hem dress pants? (i can't spell him..hem whatev..)

Michele said...

I'm so impressed with the monogram!!! You're such a fun mom!