My Sweater Looks Like the 18,293 Pieces of SuperBubble That Came Home With Us Last Night

So Sawyer was a Ninja.

And he kept sucking on the red mask thing that covered his mouth.

So he was a Ninja with a big wet circle on his face.  So intimidating.  Because if I met a Ninja in a dark alley, I'd be extra scared if he was sucking on his face mask.  Weird kid.

And Tate, who started out as an army guy, changed his mind 20 minutes before time to leave for trick-or-treating and decided to be Batman. 

Whatever floats his cute little boat.

Then there was Keaton.  Our nerd brainiac.  He wanted to be a book.  An Open Book.  Clever.

And he misspelled all the words on all the pages himself.  It was sweetly precious.  And torture for my OCD soul.

We hit a trunk-or-treat/fall festival at one of the local churches in town, and then we headed around town and hit the houses with the good candy of the people that we knew. 

And Batman fell into an all-out sugar-induced coma.

And I was thrilled that Halloween was over and that we could move on to the REAL holiday season.

In fact, we were all so giddy about November's arrival that we were up and ready for church earlier than usual and headed outside to take a few celebratory pictures. 

We posed.

And smiled.

And climbed trees.

And looked just downright beautiful.

This post is dedicated to the grandparents who are beside themselves with glee because of the huge volume of pictures that are included here.  This post is also dedicated to all of the rest of you sweet people who had to suffer through the huge volume of pictures that are included here.  You're welcome.


Jim said...

Wow! I'm first on the board? The picts are groovalicous, to quote one of my fav authoresses! I can see you had a wild time in the Ark town that night. Hey, and Capt'n Kirk's smilin', too!

Our previously reported trick or treaters (i.e. the two does in the back yard) were our only visitors and so we just enjoyed an evening with an extra hour to kill. The only thing I wanted to kill was the TV - everything "spookydum" was about the only thing there. How weird have we become. Also glad to see November and a beautiful day for worship, too. Hope your Sunday was great. The picts are always a good update on the rascal family. Thanks.

Love you,

Andrea said...

Glad to see you survived Halloween!

Your celebratory pics are way cute. :)

Alison said...

I loved the pictures! And I'm blown away that Kirk smiled...not in just one, but in all three of the pictures. I LOVE the one of he and Tate together. So sweet. And you managed to get all three boys smiling at one time! That's impressive too. Such a sweet family.

Tiffani said...

oh my gosh, did Jim-Did just use "groovalicious"?! You definitely belong to him and he's definitely a blogger!! Hahahaha!

Precious. Every last one of you. Precious.

Loving your pink sweater on Halloween...you mentioned you were a bit of rebel! ;)

Keaton, Aunt Tiff is in LOVE w/ your costume, buddy....so smart and clever...

Sawyer, just tell your Mom it's poisonous venom spit that paralyzes your enemies...I love your costume choice!

Tate, even grown up Batman doesn't have muscles like yours!! WOW!

Ozzie, so nice to finally meet you!!! ;)

I think for being a self proclaimed Halloween Scrooge you all had a great time!!!

But, now it's November and you know what that means....


Jessica said...

Oh that book is a boy after my own heart! Cutest thing ever! And your fall family pics are great! Think I'll take some of Ave today. if she will cooperate.

Cathy said...

Yay for Halloween being done and moving on to the important holidays!

Yay for super beautimous family pictures!!

Double yay for smiles from the father figure that were NOT induced by Conan!!

But...you can wear shorts in November???? Party on with your bad self.;)

Jennifer said...

I'm not even family and LOVED the pics!

Mich said...

I'm not a grandparent, but I loved the pictures too!

Amb, our boys are growing up!!!
Cute pictures...do I get copies?

Love ya!

Kellie said...

Looks like it was a great weekend!

Yay November!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I'm right there with ya on halloween and alway breath a big sigh of relief when November arrives!
You're kids costumes are adorable~love the book idea:)

Gretchen said...

Darling costumes. Amazing pictures. I thought your FB image had changed. You truly do have a beautiful family, Amber.

And I'm glad you got the good candy.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Beautiful pics!!!