10 Very Gladdy Things

My good buddy, Meredith, hosts this super fun bloggy doo-dad every month, and my other good buddy, Gretchen, hosts this other super fun bloggy doo-dad every Tuesday. 

And I decided that I was just going to squish 'em together and do a little doo-dad mashup. 

So I give you....

10 Things That I'm Gladdy For On This GladiTuesday Which Happens To Be On the 10th

10.  I'm super gladdy that I'm homeschooling this year.  The last time I tried homeschooling the rascals, I had given it up by this time in the year.  The boys were back in traditional classrooms, and I was busy teaching grammar to a bunch of hooligans who cared less about diagramming sentences.  It definitely was the right decision for us at that particular stage in our lives, but I'm just tickled pink that God is allowing this year to go by so smoothly.  Fourth grade math is kicking my tail, but we all are still breathing, smiling, and waking up the next morning to do it all again. 

9.  I'm very gladdy that it is the holiday season...finally.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite times of the year, and I'm so gladdy that we're elbow deep in all things holiday-ie.  Christmas music, decorations, yummy food, family visits, shopping, really hunkering down and focusing on the Reason for the season.  LOVE IT.

8.  I'm amazingly gladdy that my trip to see my bloggy bestie Tiffani is only 3.5 weeks away.  I cannot wait to just sit and soak her up.  Precious.

7.  I'm very gladdy that my husband is a daddy who loves his kids.  He truly enjoys being with his babies and hanging out with them.  He never fusses about being the one to give up endless evenings to do practice after practice, and he never complains when they are underfoot helping him with his latest project.  It breaks my heart for children and wives that don't have supportive or eager fathers/husbands.  I'm so blessed.

6.  I'm really very gladdy that my corduroy pants still fit me from last year.  Nothing says fall like slipping on my cords and a snugly sweater.  It was touch and go there for a bit...but we are all good in the fittage department.  Whew.

5.  I'm very gladdy that it has finally stopped raining around here.  October in Arkansas brought like 25 or 26 days of rain out of the 31.  Ridiculous.  The sunshine is a happy place for me, and I don't think I have ever been so happy to see it.

4.  I'm very very gladdy about the homemade chicken noodle soup that is simmering away in my crockpot.  It smells divine.  And I can't wait to eat it.

3.  I'm really gladdy that my venture into the land of "domesticky" continues.  I am going to have to chain myself to my washer and dryer for the rest of the evening, but I'm not really bummed about it.  So...I am still counting successes as I see 'em!

2.  I'm really saddy that I haven't started ANY Christmas shopping yet, but super gladdy that I have a couple of really great bloggy buddies that have fabulous ETSY shops that I will most likely be visiting come time to play Santa.  I'm not feeling the crafty love this year, so I'm thinking I'm going to let this girl and this girl do the work for me!! :)

1.  I'm so very gladdy that I may just be getting a quiet weekend all to myself.  I love the children and all, but I also love me some alone time.  So, I'm SO hoping that it all pans out for the children to head to grandma's this weekend while the husband heads out for opening weekend of deer season.  Lazing my Saturday away with Mr. Darcy, my blankie, and a cup of coffee would do my soul well.

Thanks again, Mer and Jewels, for hosting!!  And be sure to check out Mer's place here for lots of other fun, creative, and thinky 10 lists.

Have a GladiTuesday on this 10th!!


O Mom said...

This was a very gladdy list of 10! I love how you add y to lots of words. That makes it so cute, and cute makes me smile!

Gretchen said...

Gladdy, as always for you. And glad that Glee is on tomorrow. And hoping like heck that you get your time off.

Michele said...

Reading your list made me gladdy!!! You make me smile :) What great feeling when those fall clothes from last year still fit. Mine are a little snugaroo. . . I think your Arkansas rain took a pit stop here in GA. Having husbands that love us and love their kids are one of God's greatest blessings this side of heaven.

Alone time? YAY for you!! I'm so jealous. Enjoy it!

Tiffani said...

AHHH, my sweet sweet girl...I loved every single one of these "glads" (one in particular ;) and we'll do much much soakin'!

We must discuss the chicken noodle soup!! Sounds delish!!

I wholeheartedly agree about Daddies...such a gift it is!

OHH, and lastly I want a pair of cords! I bought a pair at the Salvation Army from DRESS BARN! And, didn't try them on...yeah, slightly too snug...but hey, I'm still lookin' for me some!

Carpool Queen said...

All those early mornings in the gym are worth it to slip on last year's pants and run.

Gladdy for you.

And as you send your AR rain to NC, can you send some of your domestickness with it? I'm sorely lacking.

Cathy said...

I lurve your gladdy list, for they're things that I'm gladdy about in my life too!!

Me's got a chicken in the ole crockpot today...maybe the leftovers should make this chicken noodle of which you speaketh.

Ain't weekends AT HOME BY YOURSELF just the bestest! Sure hope to goodness you get it!

Sure GLAD the grammar police doesn't reside at this residence, cause this comment was a MESS!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Love your Gladdies!

I so hope you get some alone time this weekend...it will change your life! :)

Mich said...

Loved your list.

Especially the part about holidays with the fam! :)

Love ya!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Nice list. AND I learned two new words: gladdy and saddy. Thanks, Amber!

Enjoy your weekend alone...that sounds very nice!