Me...Like You've Never Seen Me Before

I love seeing pictures of people way back in the day.

I'm a people watcher by nature, so my eye immediately goes to hairstyles, jean washes, and shoewear. And then I giggle. And sometimes snort. And usually a beverage comes shooting out of my nose.

Because I love how we all thought we looked smokin' way back when.

But so did not.

It just makes me laugh.

Today I was being lazy and indulging myself by looking through old pictures instead of cleaning was scrubbing my house feverishly and this picture just popped out at me.

And it made me smile.

Because I hadn't thought about it in years.

And I thought it might be good for a giggle.


That's me. The clown on the right.

Well, "Twinkles", actually.

Yes. A real, true life clown. Me.

The spiffy clown next to me in the photo is my good good friend and clowning mentor, Terry (aka Spangles). She was the secretary of the association that my dad worked for, and our families became super close. A major ministry that Terry was involved in was clowning. It intrigued me, and she soon had me, my dad, and a host of others all decked out and clowning around with her.

It was great. Clowning is all about costumes and silly antics to put people and children at ease to open up the doors for sharing the Gospel. It is an amazing ministry, and I'm so honored to have been a part of it. This particular picture was taken on a mission trip to Wyoming that our association took. It was one of the few times that I clowned, but I loved every second of it.

So there you have it.

Betcha didn't know I was a real true life clown.

The husband tells me that I need to run away with the circus.

Then I remind him that he'd be left with the children. And he begs me to stay.


Amy Fulmer said...

I did know that one time you made for a fabulous Easter Bunny. And I think I may have proof. Bwha-ha-ha-haaaa.

Cathy said...

uh oh. Must hide this picture from hubby and NEVER speak of it again. He has a STRONG aversion to clowns and if he catches wind of this it will no longer be the axe murderer thing he's afraid of...and we might not get to meet.;)

Now...I on the other hand, dressed up as a clown for my ASB speech and "Clown" was added to my list of many nicknames I had in highschool. I ALSO dressed up as a clown on a Mission Trip to Mexico w/ our youth group to draw kids into VBS.

...just one more reason to believe we were seperated at birth.

Jessica said...

Well that is just too cute! and super neat!

Mich said...

I loved it when you did clowning and my kiddos were small...free birthday entertainment!!! I have a few pictures of my favorite clowns in action. You should start your own ministry...Dad would be so proud! :)

Love ya!

mimi said...

Priceless! You make one adorable clown.

terry said...

Oh my! Certainly wasn't ready for that trip down memory lane! We sure did have fun clownin' around, tho' - and it was great fun getting others involved. Thanks for the good laugh!

Alison said...

So cute! I'll have to have you do a recap of what you did during clowning for me one day! ;-)

Michele said...

You are ever so fashioning in this outfit:) hee!hee!

Jim said...

I remember those days - you were a great clown. We had a great teacher in Terry, didn't we? Are you ready to put on the grease paint again and do our "shtick" on the road?

Love you,

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

A CLOWN? Seriously?!

Who'd a thunk it.

Jessica said...

That was a great mission trip. Especially because I got to know you that week. It's so funny to think about our lives 10 years ago! My, how things have changed! I told you I was going to marry that boy I met that summer! I actually utilized my clowinging skillz this summer by making a balloon dog and mouse for my nephews. They thanked me by popping them.

christy rose said...

You are a very cute clown!