It's a Stinkin' Tragedy

A tragic thing happened.

Tragedy, indeed.

See this precious angel baby of a face?

My first born son. The little person that made me a mother.

And now he's growing up.

Know how I know?

It has nothing to do with his ski size feet. Or his giraffe legs. Or that he alone is responsible for depleting our fish stick stash of 200 in less 5 days.


It is because HE STANK.

Like more than wet puppy dog stank. Like full-blown nasty man stank. Like the gym shoes were left in the wet basement and then sucked on by a dog nasty man stank.

And now my angel baby is wearing this.

And know what else?

He hates it. He gives me dirty looks every morning when I march him to the bathroom and watch him put it on. Because if I don't watch...he won't swipe the ole' pit.

Just like a man....perfectly fine with the stank.

This cannot be happening to me.

(Dear Sister of Mine, Don't even think about bringing up my own puberty stories. Because I know some on you, and I'll tell. This is about me and my baby, so don't go there. Just don't. Thanks in advance for keeping your trap shut. Love ya, Amb)


Kendra said...

It's already come to this, huh? Boys are born smelly and that smell increases the larger they get. I'm sure by 5 Sam will need some deo, too.

Mich said...

Oh sister dear, the trap is zipped up tight...for now. Of course for the right price I might take a risk and tell a story or two. :)

As for that "wet puppy dog, mixed with gym shoes, I don't want to wash my hair" smell that only a mother can pretend to love...?
Welcome to my club. Smelly boys. Gotta love them!

Love ya!

mimi said...

I know this stank that you speak of. Oh my, it's happening? Does that mean it's right around the corner for me?? Did I say..Oh my?!

Alison said...

Sounds like the look I gave my mom when she started making me wear one of those uncomfortable training bras.

Jim said...

Key via Amb,
I wish I could write the sound that "Home Improvement" Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor makes! He would show his muscles and say ........!
You're growing up, man! That "stick" of scent is one more sign - so use it with pride!

Proud of you!
Jim-Dad - (Somehow Poohpa wasn't quite the macho term as when you were still a kid!)

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Oh, I want my little guy to never need that! How possible is that? :)

Tiffani said...


Not sure I'm ready for that but Connor sure is...

That's two pretty faces in that picture!!!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

ROFL!! I know the smell all too well...take some advice...buy stock in Axe deoderant and get some clothespins. It only gets worse :)

Cathy said...

I am NOT kidding you, when I say that JUST TODAY I walked into the "boys" room and said, "What IS that smell??" and Will goes, "Maybe it's Lincoln's poop." Me, "Nope. Noooo...pretty sure it's not." It be stank. Pure and simple. I'm in the beginning stages of what you speak.

Need a good dose of girly? Come see me. Emma will show you all her purses and "makeup" and we'll get pedicures and frolick through fields of daisies...huh?

The Bowden's said...

Yep, we had to do something about our lil girl pits this summer. It was definitely time. :)

christy rose said...

Laughing so much at your post and all of the comments too!

Libby said...

haha. I thought this would be a cute post and then bam. lol thats funny

Anonymous said...

I am afraid. I am very, very afraid.

What can I do to make sure this doesn't happen at my house?!

His Girl said...

sent her by Mer, who observed that both us Ambers blogged about pits and deodorant and stink.

sadly, mine was my own. My 3 are all older and have been wearing deodorant for years.

It's only me who forgets. *blush*


G said...

You made my day. SO funny, yet true at our house too!

Thanks for keeping it real, and funny!
Love it!

Gretchen said...

The directions here are simple:

Please go into the shower, and wash your hair. Soap up your face, pits, privates, and feet. Dry off. Put on deodorant. Put on clothes, not limited to, but including: underwear, shirt and shorts.

And hang up your towel.

And yes, his room smells like "boy". I don't know how to change it.