Guestie Bestie

I'm a terrible hostess.  Like always forget to offer lemonade and don't clean the toilet for company terrible.  I also don't close the door to my laundry room or vacuum up the squashed Cheetos that live in my carpet.  I just don't.

But, I'm a great guest.  I never look for spider webs in corners, and I don't mind heaps of dishes in sinks.  I don't critique fabric choices or paint colors.  I don't care if you answer your door in your jammies, and I won't tell your mama that you didn't make your bed. 

So the fact that I have so many great friends that are amazing hostesses works out wonderfully for me.  I don't have to do any of the grueling dirty work, and they can relax when I'm around.

My bloggie bestie, Tiffani, over at Bears and Belles, is one of those gracious hostesses.  And she was so super kind to ask me over to her place to not only hang out and slurp some virtual lemonade, but to guest post.

Head on over HERE to check it out.

Thanks, Tiff, for having me over.  As always, it was super fun!! 


Michele said...

Y'all have me in stitches laughing!!! You both are a blast!

Tiffani said...

Oh, honey, it was all my pleasure!!

I am not even worried about what I eat today or working out b/c of all the calories I burned laughing.

The door (b/c you know the passys) is always open, my dear. I love you to crazy pieces!!

Anonymous said...

I love you both like you were my own sisters. I think she's the GA version of you and you're the AR version of her...with a few differences thrown in just to keep it interesting.

Hostess or guest, I'd be happy to hang out at a party with either one of you.