I'm a GLEE-fully Giddy Girl

Have you seen this show?

With these people?

If not, you are missing out of something pretty fantastic.

If so, then you know of the divinity in which I speak.

Amazing. Simply majestically amazing.

GLEE is this fantastic mix of High School Musical meets Grease meets Porky's.


And it just makes me happy.

It hasn't been since my beloved Friends at Central Perk, that a show has made me this ding dang giddy.

And now I get to watch it. Every.Single.Wednesday. And to tide me over on all the other 6 days, I can watch full episodes online.

Not sure it gets better than this.


Anonymous said...

I recorded Wednesday's episode but haven't watched it yet. I LOVE It!!

Tiffani said...

it's useless for me to tell you how much I love this show...because you already know!!!!!!

I am planning on watching it (AGAIN) today and I'd flip if they didn't have full episodes online b/c it's a MUST watch again and again kinda show and every time I've watched it I laugh at something different than before!!

Long live Glee!!!

Cathy said...

I'm filled with GLEE just watching that clip again!

Can I just say how much I love that cheerleading coach. Did you hear her in the last episode? After throwing Will a bottle of something and asking if he wanted it...Will, "This is for mentruating. I don't menstruate." Her, "Yeah. Neither do I."

Soundtrack is on.the.list.

Andrea said...

Oh, I've been wanting to see this! I missed it this week and it's good to know it's online.

I'm pretty sure that I'm still a 13 year old girl inside. Well, maybe I'm 16. ;)

Mich said...

Do you even have to ask, whether sister dear likes it? I know you know the answer to that one. :)

Love ya!
Say a prayer...not feeling too great today.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Oh. My. Goodness! It is delightful! I'm positively giddy with Glee.

The Bowden's said...

Oh my goodness! I will have to check out this show. I've never even heard of it until now.

Kendra said...

GLEE makes me happy to have another wonderful, funny, witty, different show on TV. Just wish I had someone to watch it with and enjoy, like I did with FRIENDS. Because loving a show with friends is so much more fun than alone.

Jessica said...

So guess I'll have to check this out. I miss Friends so much =(

Jessica said...

Oh.My.Word. I think this television show was created for the likes of me. How did I not know it existed? I'm sure my husband will soon be thanking you (or blaming you) for my disapparance, as I think I will be holed up in my room catching up on this show for awhile.

christy rose said...

I have never watched this. But you are all making me want to go check it out! :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Love love love. After I watch it I imagine that I have transformed into an incredible singer and an out of this world dancer, but alas...no. So I just live vicariously through them.

Are you saying there are other full-length episode out on the web somewhere? or do they only post them after they air them?