Weeds. Of the So-Called Friend Variety.

I'm thinking of weeding.

Oh. Don't get excited. It has nothing to do with my landscaping.

It will still remain just as it is.

Because I don't garden. And neither does the husband.

We mow the grass, just so that we can find the children occasionally when they go outside to play, and weedeating is done just so that we can find our trees. But no yard work is done for aesthetic reasons.

And these pots....um....those are the dead remants of last year's efforts. As in 2008.

I'm dead positive that this bothers the ever-lovin' snot out of my parents....as they are poster children for Better Homes and Gardens. My mother is even able to keep plants INSIDE the house alive. She is a green-thumbed miracle worker. She also dusts on a regular basis. And moves the furniture to vaccum. But that is a whole other sore spot.



Back to weeding.

I'm thinking of weeding out my Facebook. I have 350 "friends," but have no idea who some of the people even are.

When I first signed up for Facebook, I remember it being like this weird little ego-boostin' game that I played with myself. Wonder how many people will accept my friend request? Ohhh....________ asked me to be his friend!! He likes me. He really really likes me.

But, now I'm tired.

I'm tired of seeing what my old highschool boyfriend's ex-wife's name would be if she were an acrobat.

Or how many gold lapel pins the girl who used to lived down the hall from me in my freshman dorm won while she was playing Mafia Wars...whatever the heck that is.

Or endless pictures of poochy lipped teenagers throwing up deuces.

Don't get me wrong. If I actually know you....then we're cool. Pooch your lips all you want and play Farkle to your heart's content, but do I really need 45, 349 people that I didn't even really like back in the day all up in my business.

I'm thinking...no.

So, I'm thinking of weeding.

Taking my friend stash down to just the essentials.

Like my family. And my for-real friends. And my blogeeps. And my tweeps. And the people in highschool that actually have one memory of me that isn't, "Didn't we sit across the room from eachother in choir?" Um...no, genius. I wasn't in choir.


I'm thinking I'm going to start on that.

Just after I don't water my plants.


Cathy said...

Phew. I'm so glad I'm a blogeep...and a tweep...and (hopefully soon to be) for-real friend.:) Cause I love ya...as much as I don't like weeding and watering either. I make the lawn boy do it. And by "lawn boy" I mean Billy. Cause I'm a SAHM and we all know that means "lawn boys" don't.get.paid. except for with things like the Pumpkin Zucchini Bread that's in the oven, the occasional dinner that's not from a box, a back rub, and...some things that shall remain nameless....but now I'm just rambling and I NEVER do that. I don't play Mafia Wars either, or Farkle, or Farm Town, or "What Celebrity Are You?", or whatever. And I WAS in choir, but not across from you, and I kill indoor plants too and..........................................................better get back to your weeding.

mimi said...

G and I were saying the same thing...sort of. I don't facebook, but he has a page that I go to. In the beginning it was fun and sort of interesting. We were just saying how we rarely think about it anymore and don't even know who half the people are.
And...if you saw my flowers you would see that I'm not a weeder/flower-er/or plant keeper alive gal. G was away for a week and I forgot to water everything!! All brown now. Thank God I'm a better mom! I did not forget to water and feed my boys!
(can you tell I just drank a huge cup of coffee!)

Kendra said...

I weeded a bunch, and will weed some more when I have some useless time to spare. My husband, on the other hand, friends even my friends, ones he's never ever met. Just to have more friends. Guess his ego needs boosting?

May Belle's said...

I recently did some weeding. of both the flower bed and the facebook friends. and in the flower garden part, just because my mother in law (who has her own greenhouse) was coming over and she would have spent the whole visit to our house, outside weeding my flower bed.and well that would have made me feel bad. and in the facebook department, because yeah, whatever mafia wars is, i'm not interested how much one plays.
have fun weeding!

May Belle's said...

and i just realized i left a comment as "maybelles". this is Jessica, Avery's mom. =)

Carpool Queen said...

I thin the herd every so often, though it's so hard to do because I never want to hurt anyone's feelings. I've discovered that I can "hide" updates from people that play waaay too many games and it's helped me keep my sanity.

Tiffani said...

hmmm, seems like we've discussed this... ;)

Very creative post, my dear and I'm in the garden w/ you..except mine, too, is weeding out friends and not playing Farmville.

Anonymous said...

I rarely even go to FB anymore because of the Mafia. Not the real Mafia. I'm not sure they FB. But because of the game and Yo-ville and the Save the Rainforest plants and blah blah blah. I'm always afraid they'll know and take it personally and well, what? Get their virtual Mafia to virtually take me out? Yeah, I should delete.

Mich said...

Try having double that number in friends, because you share FB with your hubby. I would get my own, but that is too tiring thinking about it. Guess I will leave it like it is...for now.

As for the green thumb thing. Mine is BLACK for some reason. It just isn't fair. Of course if I would remember to water things... I guess plants need water. Who knew?!!!

Love ya!

Oh yeah, I posted the picture of Kay's crazy socks on my blog today. I'm still laughing. What a girl!!!

Gretchen said...

FB is okay...but kind of a nuisance, really. I like a quick update or 2 or a quiz, but often, my 2 minutes turns into 20,and I'd rather spend the time reading blogs or tweeting. Both my twitter and FB accts are very small in terms of friends. Not that I'm uber selective...I just don't want to start something I can't finish. And i don't play the games. For I have an addictive personality, and my family requires meals and clean clothing. :) Good luck. Awesome thoughts. But don't even think about deleting me. I'd fly right down to AR and give you what for. J/K. Not really. Joking...no. I'm not...Yes I am.


Jessica said...

Weed away, girl! I only "friend" people I know in real life. Oh, and I had to not dislike them in real life. And I did figure out that if you hover your mouse in the righthand corner of somone's post you can choose to hide their updates if they're a little too prolific for you. And if you're tired of seeing everyone's Farmville, you can choose to hide that application as well. I know, I know, I spend too much time on facebook. But it's not playing Mafia Wars or Bejeweled or taking the "Which Spongebob Squarepants Character Are You?" quiz, it's uploading pictures of my cutie and looking at everyone else's pictures and commenting to myself how much cuter my kid is than theirs. :) (I'm not kidding. I'm that proud of my kid.)

Jim said...

You know that "my weeder wife" won't let me touch her gardens. Oh, I can weedeat around the trim, but don't touch the greens inside. And walk around those plants that are constantly on the move "with the sun" in the house. Again, her "thumb" is notorious. Dust, oh yes, and regular, but I'm proud of her. I'd probably be sneezing much more than I do if not for her "pledging it up" every week.

I'm with you on the Facebook. I have to scroll down through so much to see any messages with news that is more than just "I'm going to sleep now." So sleep, anyway!

The boys broke your couch? How so?
I did see that on FB. Tried to call but no one home I guess.

In the best tradition of FB, I'm going to end this with a period. By.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

You're so funny! I've had a few people I don't even remember ask to be friends. Crazy! Why would I want to be friends with someone I don't recall?

The Bowden's said...

I need to do that too. I'm up to about 600 or so. :(

christy rose said...

Good things usually come from weeding! :)

Jennifer said...

I had people trying to "friend" me just because they were from Brinkley!! Um, no thanks!!

I AM one of the ones that has Farkle and Farmtown and take all the little quizzes, because I can't control the shakes that happen when I don't participate!! I.Need.Help.

As far as the green thumb goes, mine was apparently removed at birth!! My garden, from which all the yummy goodness of fried okra and fresh tomatoes comes from, has more weeds than plants!! Just sayin'!!

I'm glad you're my facebook, twitter, blog friend, but I could survive without all those....cuz you're my friend IRL and I wouldn't want it any other way!! :)

Love ya!!

Lindsay said...

I'm up to over 800. Should do a deliberate weed but as their B-day approaches I keep or weed.

Amy said...

I'm afraid of being weeded. When my brother-in-law disappeared from my friend list, I got really frantic. Who weeds a family member??? Felt slightly better that he disappeared from the husband's friend list, too.

After expressing this insecurity to my husband, he laughed at me and said something about Jesus going after every lost lamb.