Mich said...

Beautiful song and video.

Happy sunday!

Love ya, BUNCHES!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this song! Thanks for sharing it, Amber friend!

Tiffani said...

What a great way to sum up a Sunday!!!

No words of our own..just listening and worshipping the King!!

Love you!

Jim said...

Perfect ending to a perfect Lord's day. We had a record of 62 in in Sunday School and about 80 in worship. Many new faces - the worship was great - The Scripture, interestingly enough spoke of God filling the tabernacle as He wants to fill our lives and be the primary role as master of the "Holy of Holies" of our Heart. Read Exodus 40:34-38. Now, the result of worship and His filling of our "temple" is to go when He says "go", and stay when He says "stay". And so, we bow down!

Love you,

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...


christy rose said...

Loved that song! It was beautiful!

Gretchen said...

I lurve this song. Lurve singing it. Lurve listening to it. Lurve believing it. xxxooo