Gettin' My Shop On

I think I was born with a shopping bag in one hand and a fistful of plastic in the other. Because this girl loves to shop.

It doesn't even matter what it is. I could be shopping for mens' razorblades and a mega pack of Charmin. I'm all over it.

So it is needless to say that ploppin' this girl in a store with faincy flip flops and peasant tops makes my mind do all kinds of crazy bizness.

Now. Before I go on....I'll tell you that this whole shopping fetish of mine has gotten me in some trouble. Ok. A lot of trouble. So now my fistful of plastic has been narrowed down to my debit card and the cash that I carry with me only when the sun is green and the clouds are orange....uh never.

So even though I don't go all ape-crazy at the sight of clearance racks and sale papers anymore, I do still have to practice my calming breathing techniques that I learned in my birthing classes (which I never used for birthing the rascals, by the way. So I'm glad that enduring those horrid classes has paid off in some way.) to focus on the greater task ahead....like paying for the electricity it takes to run my blowdryer. Priorities, fo shiz.

So I was super proud of myself yesterday.

Remember? School shopping with my sister? At The Land of All Things Great and Shoppy?
Where I wasn't shopping for reasons that I can't tell you yet?

Oh, how I looked. And touched. And felt the feel of cotton. And rayon. And linen. And I'm sure that even poorly made polyester passed through this fingertips.


For the most part.

I did scoop up a couple of incredible bargains that would have been sinful to pass up. I'm pretty sure that the 8th Deadly Sin is "Stupidity." Because if you see a darn cute shirt that needs a good home, and it is hanging on the rack with a dangling tag of $4....then you are just STUPID if you don't buy it.

Or the super cute pair of silver shoes that were sitting in Target needing a home on my feet.

Because then I would have been guilty of the STUPIDITY for not rescuing the shoes from the red-tag doom they were experiencing, AND I would have been guilty of the STUPIDITY for passing up silver shoes in general.

And that would have been a double whammy.

Good thing I didn't fall prey to that monstrosity.

And to celebrate my conquership over STUPIDITY, I'm staying home today. In my parents' house. In my jammies. And I'm slurping coffee all day. And watching an Anne of Green Gables marathon.

And I probably will wear my silver shoes.

Because they are just that cute. And it would be sinful not to. Really.


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Tiffani said...

Holy Mandarin, Batman!!!...seriously???!!! That chinese is BLOWING MY MIND!!! What in the world??!!

This post made me laugh hysterically...because I'm in 100% agreeance :) Especially a/b the part about not caring whether it's razors or toilet paper..it's still SHOPPING! AAAHHH...bliss.

Have fun in your jammies!

Nina Diane said...

you must have some chinese friends who are crazy over shopping too....hehe

~*Michelle*~ said...

From one jammie-wearing coffee lover to another.....

I am ALL over clearance racks and just shopping in general. The best is when I have no kids to keep track of. I get lost in my retail therapy.

Cathy said...

Um...yeah...for a minute their I thought my computer had a virus, or it's smarter then me and thought for sure I would understand things in "some unknown language in which I know nothing about"....phew...sure glad I scrolled down.

Anyway, what I was going to say is...girl, you just do my heart good. Period. You and me were meant to be friends. Fo shiz. Cause I'm all up in your biz. And I'm the niz.(I really don't even know what that last word means. It rhymed. And I just bought "Green Eggs and Ham" on my garage sale adventures today. So I think I'm channeling Dr. Suess.

I'm done now. Before I sceer you off. You're welcome.

Amber said...
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Mich said...

Had fun shopping with you yesterday and I'm enjoying watching "Anne" with you today. And I'm loving the new hairstyle...still wondering if it is blog worthy.

Anonymous said...


mimi said...

Tell your sister that all new hairstyles are blog worthy!

I'm hearing you loud and clear on the love of the bargain hunt. Oh the joy of a red tag!! It's an adrenaline rush that is truly worthy of a day home in jammies...with coffee. I've been trying to be good about shopping too(or I should say-not shopping)! You must post photos of those silver shoes :)

Jennifer said...

Oooo la la!! Silver shoes...can't wait to meet the new foot candy!!

Glad you had a great time shopping with your sis!!

I'm bursting with excitement over your news...can't stop grinnin'!!

Love ya!!

Andrea said...

I am so glad to find out that I narrowly escaped a sinful moment when I bought the red wedges at Target on clearance for only six dollars and some change. Whew! ;) Nevermind that I think I have only one shirt they will match. Hmmm. I need more shirts with red.

Anonymous said...

Was what you bought made in China perhaps?

Mocha Momma said...

Hilarious!! Hope you had a nice relaxing, non shopping day.