4th Grade Math Scares Me

Overwhelmed doesn't even begin to cut it.

Reality is beginning to set in, and I've found myself neck deep in emotions that are ranging from just plain giddy to sheer panic.

We've been a homeschooling family for almost two weeks.

Two weeks.

That's it.

In just two short weeks, everything about my life has been completely turned upside down.

The way that I view my home. The way that I view my children. The way that I view my husband. The way that I shop. The way that I clean. The way that I cook. The way that I eat.


Has changed.

And although I can't wipe the silly grin off of my face, I, on most days, am searching the house frantically for a paper bag because I'm about to hyperventilate. (On a side note....I still don't understand what good a lunch sack is, but I've seen it in in the movies, so it must be an accurate remedy.)

Because now I HAVE to make this work.

I HAVE to get over myself and see this through.

And though I've been an educator for the past 10 years, I have always taught other people's kids. And there is just something about teaching someone else's children that isn't quite as intimidating as teaching your own. Weird, huh? Should be the other way around. But it's not. I can't explain it. I just know it's true.

But though I know that I HAVE to make it through this, I know that I WILL make it through. Because I feel with everything in me that this is where we're supposed to be.

That home is where God would have me and boys right now.

So I'm anxious.

But it is a good anxious.

Because I know GOd must have something amazing up His sleeve for my little rascals. And I'm feeling so blessed that He's letting me be a part of it.

Now. If God can just get me through 4th Grade Math. Oh dear.


Jessica said...

I think as long as you are smarter than a fifth grader, you should be fine! and I'm sure that you will be their favorite teacher ev-a.

Kellie said...

You are going to be great! I won't lie, its hard...but the hard days are worth it. So. Very. Worth. It.

And you've got some good friends here on the net to help you through!

christy rose said...

:) You can do it! It all comes back to you eventually! LOL

I remember that feeling. I used to homeschool too. Three, just like you. But when my 4th came along, it was time for someone else to teach them. HAHA

Carpoolqueen said...

If you figure out what front end estimation is, please let me know. My 4th graders are currently beyond my ability to help them and we're only in the first quarter.

Tiffani said...

Oh, my little Junie B...

Know that even seasoned homeschooling families feel overwhelmed at the beginning and then sometimes during the middle and then sometimes at the end of the school year..{I mean at intervals not consecutively ;)}

I get sweaty palms and wonder how we'll make it through..but on that ONE day when you think "no way"...God just brings a special sweetness over that day, that lesson, that moment...

You can and you will see this through...you will because God set your heart to this and He doesn't do things halfway...we'll get through each moment holding each other's hand and being the cheering section when one of us needs it, okay?!

But, yes, 4th grade math is spookalicious but you ain't SKEERD!! ;)

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Good thing one of your besties LOVES Math and is pretty good at Math!!!!! and has a mom that is a math teacher! We can get you through this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a phone call away and a hop skip and a jump away!!!!! Don't fret I am here for you and GOD has an awesome plan for you!

Jim said...

Now, let me see, there's the "gazentahs" and the "nought times nought" cyferin', often referred to as Jethro's Math, then you've got some problems like the following:

Let's say you have the number 25 you want to divide into 5 equal parts. Some might say 5 gazentah 25 five times, but according to Pa Kettle Math its 14. How, you ask?

Well you diagram it thusly:

5 / 25

Pa would say 5 ain't goin' intah 2 so ya put down 0 and 5 gazentah 5 one time. Subtract and ya get 20, and 5 gazentah 20 4 times =14. Or add 5 fourteens and you get the same answer.
25 How, you ask? Add all of your fours, then add to that your five ones.

4+4+4+4+4+1+1+1+1+1 = 25

I hope this little math lesson heps. O' corse, Jethro quit after the 5th grade cuz he got so intellygint. So after the fourth I just don't know!
Just call me Jim + Dad

Jim said...

Sorry the comment format didn't come out the way yer 'posetah do hit!

Elizabeth said...

As long as it doesn't involve geometry of any kind, I love math. Algebra rocks! But Social Studies is my worst enemy.

You can do this! Call me for a pep talk anytime, as long as you can give me one too!

Kendra said...

Teach them the value per item of those Go-Gurts they suck down. That's a start.

Mich said...

You can do it sister dear! You are after all the smart sister!

I really am proud of you right now. Hang in there! (Oh wow! I think I sounded just a little like Dad right then. Scary, huh?)

Love you!

Andrea said...

I have some advice that applies to 4th grade math pretty well as the rest of life. When I taught 4th grade and we approached a new math concept, I'd tell them ~ "Start with what you know and then go slow."

You can do this. :) You've already taken the biggest, scariest steps. Now, just go slow.

Lindsay said...

Hey Amber... Not about to offer aid in Math as word problems associated with work brought sheer panic to me last week. Good friends helped me out and it looks like you have a lot of those that are "in the know". I count it a privilege to be one of your praying friends.

Anonymous said...

I have the least amount of experience of any of your homeschool Tweeps, but from what I've heard if you aren't a little bit afraid, you're not doing something right.

Gretchen said...

One math fact at a time, sweet friend. U can do it!

Cathy said...

He will not ask you to do something without giving you everything you need to do it. In HIS strength. In HIS power. He's got it all.

There. That's my mini-sermon of the day. You likey? Now, can someone please preach it back to me? Cause I really need to hear it too.:)

You got this, girl! ...cause He's got you.

New Every Morning said...

Ditto, ditto and ditto! (well, except for our 5th grade math)