May Be More Than You Asked For

Sitting. . . In bed. Annoyed as all get-out that Sawyer keeps shaking the bed. He's playing video games, and apparently it is impossible for him to play without moving his entire body. I was going to take a nap, but quickly found out that wasn't going to happen due to Earthquake O'Sawyer, so here I sit. Laptop jiggling and dripping coffee all down my shirt.

Drinking. . . Coffee. From my penguin mug. With almost as much Creme Brulee froo froo creamer as coffee. Just like I like it.

Moving. . .Slowly. Very slowly. I should be up working on the piles and piles of laundry that have now grown arms and legs and are making their way out of the laundry room door and spilling into the hall. But, I'm not. Instead I'd rather endure the Earthquake.

Reflecting. . . On our first half week of school. I'm sure it is normal after any big leap into unknown territory, but the phrase "What have I done?" has crossed my mind more than a couple of times since we've started. And then there is that other phrase, "I have lost my ever-lovin' mind." But we won't go there.

Planning. . . Some fun trips that I have coming up with friends and family. Keeping my fingers crossed that all will pan out, because there are some peeps I just gotsta meet.

Looking forward to. . . The fall TV lineup. As enthralled as I am in the outcomes of what might possibly be tv's worst excuse for reality television, Big Brother, I am so anxious for the return of all my favorite shows. Oh...and then there is football. I'm so looking forward to football season. Nothing says fall to me like the Indianopolis Colts and my beloved Hogs.

Wanting. . . My laundry to wash itself. Or for my family to decide that yesterday's funk and stank is cool.

Hoping. . .For quiet hearts and peaceful minds. People around me are hurting and confused and worried, and I'm so hoping that the calm will come. Soon.

Regretting. . . The hugacious donut I ate for breakfast this morning. Never mind. The only thing I'm regretting is that I didn't eat two!! So yummy.

Surprised. . . At how content I am with an unbusy schedule. I tend to want to be up and going and in the middle of everything, and since we've started school, things have been relatively quiet. I could get used to being a serious homebody really quickly!!

Studying. . . Fourth Grade Math. Oh dear me. And the life of Christ. I'm glad to say that I'm gleaning much more from Jesus than Fraction studies. As it should be, friends. As it should be.

Frustrated. . . That I had to turn a library book back in without having finished it because I knew I wouldn't read it. Nothing gripes me more. Except when I remember that I forgot to turn the library books back in at all.

Eager. . . To get through all the mundane review portions of our schoolwork. The kids and I are all itching to do something new, but I'm doing as all good teachers do...review.review.review. New stuff can't come soon enough...even if it means fractions. *shudder*

Enjoying. . . This beautiful southern Arkansas weather. When we get sunny days minus humidity in August, then we scream "Miracle!" and dash outside to soak it up. The boys and I went for a walk today and spent some time with the neighbor's horses. Amazing, really.

Missing. . . Summer ease. It's just been over for about a week, and already I'm pining for lazy days at the lake and flipflopped feet in the sand. I'm thinking we're going to take school to the lake a couple of times before fall sets in, just because we can!!

Bummed. . . That the husband and I have hardly seen eachother in forever. Our past week or so has been mostly passing eachother in the hall on our way to head out somewhere. He told me the other day that his work traveling schedule is getting ready to pick back up again, and I'm not looking forward to that at all. But, at least we are employed, fed, and have a roof to sleep under. Not much to complain about.

Now...to try to take that nap. The earthquake has ceased for the time-being.

Oh. Never mind.

It's back.


(Thanks, Elizabeth, for letting me totally blog-lift you today! I appreciate it! Can't wait to see you...we need to plan another meeting soon!!!)


Cathy said...

SHUT UP!!! Creme Brulee is one of my fave creamers! Pour me a cup of that, add a little coffee, and i'm all set.:)

Tuesday, Tuesday, wherefore art thou, Tuesday??;)

Mich said...

I totally HEART you sister dear...while being so jealous that you spent the afternoon with an adorable little earthquake.

Amy Fulmer said...

Loved it all...minus the reminder that I have books that could be reaching a month overdue. Arg!!!

Gretchen said...

Since you're busy not washing your laundry, could you not wash mine, too. I think we could have an Olympic wash event or something here. Ooooh...sponsorships. Sponsorships mean $$$. $$$ means more shopping, and more shopping means more lau...

never mind.

Carpool Queen said...

You know, some places you have to pay a quarter for the jiggy bed.

Just sayin'.

Tiffani said...

CPQ!!!! Crack.me.up.

Ahhh, creamer! Love it..right now it's Italian Cream.

Hope there wasn't any major damage from Earthquake Saw!

I may be blog-lifting this idea myself...

I love horses. Glad you've got some as neighbors...and I'm LOVIN' the morning air too! Such a taste of fall...

Maybe this weekend you and Kirk can get some much needed time together and girl, I feel ya.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

Oh man! You've murdered a lawn mower too and drink coffee with copious amounts of cream and like cheap tv. I couldn't have asked a more perfect random stranger to be my friend!

christy rose said...

What a fun post! Wishing my laundry could grow legs and walk away but come back clean and folded too. And maybe put itself away too. That is the part I hate the most. LOL

Jessica said...

I can't wait for fall tv and the Hogs! And horses and cool weather just go together for some reason.

and on a totally unrelated note, are you planning to switch to disqus commenting? just wondering, i've seen it around lately and i think it's something you should look into. =)

mimi said...

Yep, I just was saying "what am I thinking?!" as homeschool frustration set in. It can be frustrating when mine are rolling on the floor as I read a b.o.r.i.n.g history book and realize that my curriculum plans need changing on day 1! Ugh. Thanks for letting me vent ;)

Oh, and juicy tidbit....I dated an ex Indianapolis Colts kicker! Yes I did....when I was 15(he was 17)LOL. And he wasn't on the team yet, but technically it's all true ;)

Jim said...

Now let's see! Are you comfy on the couch? Feet up? Alright, let's begin the analysis. Have I heard you right? In your dream - you're sitting, drinking, moving, reflecting, planning, looking, wanting, hoping, regretting, SURPRISED (I was, too), studying, FRUSTRATED (Hmmmm), EAGER (Wellll), enjoying, missing, and BUMMED (More Hmmmmm). Well, now, (looking at you over the top of my professional looking glasses), I would say that you have the classic symptoms of a mom who is actively livING in the midst of a tug.of.war between 3 rascals. The ING words are the active part and subject to different individuals. The words SURPRISED FRUSTRATED AND EAGER tell us where the eyebrows are during the actions, and BUMMED, well, there's the real crux of the matter. That's when you woke up from the dream and found it was real, all of it! End of session, pay the secretary at the desk and make another appointment. I'm eager to hear the next dream!
Yours curiously,

Robin said...

Love this idea and have enjoyed reading about your first week of school. I hope it continues to be a great experience for you.