Trick or Treat, Smell My New Computer!

I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I think that the costumes and all of that are fun and cute, and I certainly enjoy the hoards of candy that are shoveled into the house, but if Halloween was totally removed from the calendar -- I wouldn't shed a tear. But, call it peer pressure, or rather kid pressure, each year the Goodrums make the trek out into the crazy Trick or Treat world.

Because I'm not super crazy about the holiday, I refuse to spend the money and time on extravagant and elaborate costumes. In fact, this year is the most time I have spent any time at all actually making a costume....but don't get excited. It was easy to put together...just how I like it.

Tate and Sawyer were easy. They went to the rack at WalMart and picked out their costumes.

Sawyer was dead set on being a superhero. He didn't really care which one, just had to be a superhero. We made it through the costume fairly quickly, because one he spotted the IronMan costume...he was head-over-heels in costume love. We did try it on before last night, but either he grew this month or I was delusional the first time, because when he put that sucker on last night--it looked like he had been poured into it. I tried and tried to get him to change and put on this really nice SuperMan costume that his grandma had given him for a dress-up gift, but he wasn't having it. He was going to be IronMan...busting out or not. To top off the look, Sawyer wore cowboy boots....I'm telling you, he looked FANTASTIC!

Tate flip-flopped between wanting to be a knight and a pirate. We finally settled on a pirate outfit (which was really my favorite!), and because he looked so cute, went ahead and bought the eye patch, earring, and new sword to go with his costume. Oh, he was so cute, I just wanted to yell, "Swash-buckaling," and eat him up. We ditched the earring, eye patch, and head scarf half-way through the night, but he started out looking just dandy!

And now we get to Keaton. He was determined to have a unique costume. He searched and searched the costume racks, but kept coming up with nothing. Then he spotted this old man/wizard mask. He said, "This looks like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings." And it did. It had the long white hair and everything. Had his daddy not been with us, I might have tried to detour him (since I knew that was going to mean me having to sew something), but no such luck. Dad was gung-ho for Gandalf, so we ended up with one very hairy mask. AND NOTHING ELSE. That means Mama has to rig something. Keaton wanted to be Gandalf the White, so that was good. That meant I didn't have to try to make a hat. Whew! So, I sewed a white robe and a white cape. I got the fabric from the dollar rack, so I can't complain about the $5 I spent on the costume!! Kirk made his staff out of a tree branch. I do have to say....Keaton ended up looking really pretty cute. Definitely unique. People (who have actually watched those movies) recognized him...so he was pumped about that.

We ended up going to a couple of local churches' Trunk or Treats. That was fun. We also hit a couple of houses that we wanted to make sure we stopped at. Our favorite was Pursuing Pineapple's house!! He definitely had the best candy!! :)

On a different note, and because I didn't want to wait until later to post it....I have some MARVELOUS news!! My husband wins the Best Husband of the Year Award! He came home yesterday with a brand-spankin'-new laptop for me!!!! Go ahead, scream with me, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I was so excited! I was begging the kids to not go Trick or Treating so that I could stay home and play with my new toy! It is so pretty and shiny! Apparently it is filled up with lots of good stuff, but I don't know much about anything techno. I just wanted it to hold all my thousands of pictures and actually function at a rate that was a smidge faster than snail's pace. Kirk assures me that it will, so I love it so much! It is a really pretty goldish-copper color (he wouldn't get me the pink one!!). Anyway, just wanted to share my news!!!!! SO EXCITED!!


Jennifer said...

They look so cute!

Mich said...


Congrats on the computer!

Love ya!

buscher3 said...

Love the costumes. They looked so excited. And yay on the new computer! What a great hubby!

Stephanie said...

yeah!!!! And so excited about the computer!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

The boys look great! I think the Wal-mart costumes are sized wrong. I bought Caitlin a pirate costume size 12-14 (she really wears a 8/10) and she couldn't even get in it! I had to take it back and they didn't have any bigger ones so I had to make a costume. Worked out ok in the end.

Love the new computer!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

YEAH BABY! So happy about your new computer! You be extra nice to Kirk okay? That was super sweet of him!

Your kids' costumes are great! I love Gandalf the White...very creative!