I love the Fall.

I think I probably say this about every season at some point, but I really do think that Fall is my favorite. I love it when the air becomes crisp and cool. I love how the sky seems bluer (is that a word?) and the air seems fresher. I love being able to wear sweaters and boots. I love how my hair does not fall in the Fall (hee, hee!). I love the reds and oranges of the leaves. I love deer season. I love piling blankets on the bed because it isn't time to turn the heater on yet. I love pumpkins and scarecrows and hay bales. Not so crazy about Halloween...but whatever -- Thanksgiving makes up for it. FALL, FALL, FALL....Love, Love, Love It!

One of the things that I look forward to every Fall is this annual hayride/cookout that we go to. It actually is the function of a nearby church where my very good friend attends. Her family has become family to us, so we always look forward to speeding time with them. We started attending their hayride several years ago, and now, like I said, it is one of those Fall things that I really enjoy.

Tonight was hayride night. Oh, so much fun!

And now....

I am itchy from the hay. I am sneezy from the campfire. My feet are still cold. And my tummy hurts from eating one too many cookies and drinking that non-diet Dr. Pepper.

But, I'm okay with all of that.....because.....

We all had a really, really, really great time!

Did I mention that I love Fall?


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Ah, sounds so fun! One of my favorite fall memories of SBC was the Adult 5 SS Party at the Hunter's farm...Neill took us on a hayride!

Mich said...

Ahh, you know you love the fall because it's my birthday and you get to celebrate your favorite sister! :)

We are having Jordan's party next Saturday if you want to come.

Love ya!

buscher3 said...

I love fall too...I just wish the fall weather would love us back and stick around for good.

Jim said...

Did you say you loved the fall of the year? Well, it has its benefits - mowing the lawn is just about over, with the exception of the leaves that need mulching. It's not muggy like some times in summer. A little "crisp" feeling does wake you up when you begin the day. You're right! Fall is a great time of year! Soak it up!
I am!
Love you!