Another Day of Randomness

Another here-and-there post...

Parent/Teacher Conferences -- that would be today. All went well. I was rather nervous about this whole deal, because for the first time in my parental life, I have not been totally active in my kids' education. We've either homeschooled (obviously active) or been at the private school (where I was in their rooms talking to their teachers every single day and also knew every time they were put in timeout --uh, active). So this whole "doing their own thing and finding out about it later" thing is new to me. I've tried to keep up with their online grades and all that good stuff, but I still have felt so out-of-it and detached. So, I was pleased to sit down with their teachers today and find out that all our grades are good and they all seem to be adjusting to public school really well. The curriculum changes are a little baffling to me, and I'm still getting used to the whole "teach-the-Benchmark" way of doing things....but I'm coping and learning. Gotta say that I love their teachers and feel so blessed that God led us here.

Closet Cleaning -- It is time for the 'ole switch-er-oo. Time to move out the tank tops and capris and hustle in the sweaters and corduroys (I love my corduroys...I don't care what you people say!). It is also time to clean out the boys' closets. We just got a new load of clothes from my precious, precious friend (thanks, Leann!). I love hand-me-downs so much....without that family, the Goodrum boys would be naked. Seriously. So, our project tonight is try everything in their closets on and see what still fits. If it doesn't, it is either ship it to the younger brother's closet or ship it to the yard sale pile. FUN! Although I can't stand the during of this project; I love the end! I actually enjoy doing laundry if I have neat, tidy closets to put the clothes into!!

HSM3 -- Yes! High School Musical 3! My friend, Meredith, mentioned this on her blog, too! I'm so glad that I'm not the only adult fan in the world! I love the HSM movies so much. I get super excited if the kids pick one of those DVDs to watch....I'll sing and dance around the living room with my boys! So fun! You can even catch me singing "We're All In This Together" and "Everyday" at the top of my lungs in my car! So, needless to say, I'm super excited about the 3rd one coming out! Kirk thinks I'm nuts, but whatever....

Christmas Shopping -- Can it really be? Is it really time to start shopping already? So hard to believe. It seems like time has flown by remarkably fast this year. Here is what the boys are asking for...Keaton wants an IPod, BB gun, and StarWars guys; Sawyer wants a BB gun and a guitar (okay, first he asked for a CELLO!!! Isn't that hysterical? We convinced him that he probably would enjoy the guitar a little more! I realize that we might have just suppressed his real talent...but, seriously, a cello? He just thinks it looks cool...); and Tate wants "an Indiana Jones house to play StarWars guys in." Not sure where we're going to come up with that, but Santa is sure going to try!

Computer -- I HATE THIS COMPUTER! I want a new one so badly! I'm begging Santa for one, so I hope he hears me!! ;) This one has started freezing up on me a bazillion times a day and I think it is about to die. So aggravating.

Dinner -- We had hot dogs and mac-n-cheese last night...just like I said we would!! I think I might actually cook something tonight! I have to say that I'm so impressed with all you girls that really know how to cook. It is amazing to me that not only can you cook like that, but that you can get your kids to eat all those veggies and sauces and all the other stuff you mix together. The most mixing that I do in my cooking is mixing the sauce with the meat in the spaghetti sauce. You guys amaze me...you really do! Cooking for me is a chore...I hate it. I would much rather bake. I'll make a fancy dessert any day of the week!!!

Trapped Pictures -- I have so many pictures stuck on my camera that I need to get off and post, but I'm so afraid that if I dump my pictures on my computer, it will slow it down even more. I need that new computer...did I mention that?!? Hopefully, I can get my pictures downloaded and posted soon...so many I want to show you.

Enough for now....a million apologies for the rambling!


Mich said...

Just a few 'rambling" comments...
1. Welcome to my world and the public school system!
2. Come clean and organize my closets when you get yours done, PLEASE! :)
3. HSM3 - I'm mad that I have to pay to see it, when it could be free on the Disney Channel like the others were!!!
4. Christmas Shopping - love it! We will have to go Thanksgiving! Oh by the way, what is up with the BB guns? Don't your kids know they can poke their eye out??? :)
5. I hope Santa buys you a computer too!
6. Don't be too hard on yourself... you have certainly mastered mac & cheese! You could probably cook it blindfolded!!!
7. Back to the computer... you can buy a nice one pretty cheap these days.
It has been nice rambling with you! Love ya!

(In response to your question... who has time for a haircut these days!!! I need one so bad!:( I wore a ponytail again today!)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I like random ramblings, but I'm sure you know that since I post so many of them on my blog.

I did the big closet swicheroo about a month ago. Was so sad that I didn't have very many hand me downs this season. Leann IS amazing, isn't she? Wonder if she gets the same "you have three boys?" comments that you do. I'm sure you guys have discussed that a time or two. ;)

John gave me permission to check the kids out early. I am SO excited about seeing HSM3 with them. I have one small glitch that I need to work out first, but I'll let you know how I like it.

My kids eat what I cook, but not without complaining.

Hope you get a new computer. Macs are expensive, but they are AMAZING. I'll put that bug in Santa's ear for you!

Take care...gotta go get dinner ready for my crew.

buscher3 said...

OOoohh..we just did the closet thing today. Except mine wasn't moving summer to winter...mine was shuffling out any non-maternity to all maternity. A sad moment in time. But in the process, I unloaded several trashbags of clothes that I hoard for years on end b/c I think "someday I'll wear this again". By the time it finally gets pulled out of the closet, it's so out of style it's pointless to keep. Oh to be a kid again and to get a new wardrobe every season just because you grow.

sprocketqueen said...

Well it sounds like you are one busy woman!! You have just reminded me of several things that I need to do but do not want to do!! The computer freezing my be spyware I use spysweeper to keep it clean, but I am crossing my fingers for you a new one, go for the flat screen :) BTW Mac & Cheese is a regular in our house.