Get a CLUE!

I feel like all I do is go 90 to nothing. My hair is in nothing but a clippy anymore (partly because I'm in desperate need of a haircut, but really because I don't have time to fix it!), and my house is "clean enough" (which really means that if someone came over, it would be presentable, but they better not be pokin' around in nooks and crannies).

I wish I had an outstanding reason for all the craziness, but I really don't. It is just STUFF.
We've been crazy busy with sports. Baseball is over now, which is a blessing to the schedule, but other stuff has just popped in and filled its spot.

One thing that we have added to our schedule (that I absolutely adore and will not be sad about) is Family Game Night! It wasn't like we set out to make this a part of our ritual, it just happened that way. But I love it! It all started with Keaton wanting to spend some money that he had saved up. He searched and searched the aisles at WallyWorld, and much to my surprise, could not find a "toy" that he wanted. Shocking. But, he did find a game...


I love Clue. Some of my favorite memories as a kid are of my family sitting around playing games together...and one of our favorites was this amazingly fantastic mystery game. I can remember fussing with my sister over who was going to be Miss Scarlet and joyfully leaping through the secret passage across the board. Loved it!

So you can imagine my absolute joy when my baby boy wanted to spend his money on the game. I would have bought it for him -- I was so excited!

We got it home and cracked open the plastic wrap to find that THEY HAVE CHANGED THE GAME! What? Why mess with perfection? The new stuff isn't bad, I guess...but, seriously....why fix it if it ain't broke?!?

So, now there is a SPA. Yes, a spa. And a GUESTHOUSE. No joke. They've added POISON, an AX, and a DUMBBELL to the weapon list. The dumbbell still makes me giggle a little bit, and the poison is a bit disturbing. They've also eliminated all the Mrs., Mr., etc. in front of the players' names. So instead of Colonel Mustard...it's just Mustard. Weird to me.

Oh well. I don't guess those things are too terribly tragic, but I'm still feeling the pang of nostalgia....and I don't really care what the rules say, she'll always be Miss Scarlet to me!

Back to Family Game Night....because Keaton takes after me and is completely capable of becoming totally and wholly enthralled with something and running it into the ground, we have been subjected to games of Clue every night. I'm not going to pretend that I'm sad...I'm not. I could play that game every day until Jesus comes back and be perfectly happy. But, you see, the bad thing is that when playing with a 3rd grader (who thinks he knows strategy, but really doesn't) and a 1st grader (who thinks he can read well enough to play by himself, but really can't) --- the games run around an hour or so each! AHHHHHH.....

So, although I'm not upset about accusing Mrs. Peacock of murder in the Dining Room with a Rope.....my laundry is kind of suffering. But, this is quality time, right? The laundry can wait...there are important crimes to solve!

Tonight it was Mrs. White in the Spa with the Poison......


Jo said...

This blog takes ME back a few decades, for sure! I'm pretty sure that we didn't have Clue, but we had lots of others...Monopoly being the major one we played. We only got a couple of channels on TV back then (when we finally got a TV) so we played games a lot. I don't recall that I EVER got to be the "banker" when the 4 of us kids were playing! Your Dad or Uncle Cloyd always managed to secure that position for themselves!
We didn't have what you would call a "game night", but usually on a Friday or Saturday night, games and puzzles, etc. were brought out when farm chores were done for the night. Oh, the memories!
Thank you for the reminder, Amber. I'm sure your boys will someday look back fondly on these times, the same as you and I.
Aunt Jo

Jim said...

Hey Amb!
Did I ever tell you about the time when I was in grade school and we played Monopoly for the first time, and "I WON!" Oh, Yeah, I guess I've run that one into the ground. Right?

And how about when you were little in Bangladesh and we played "Slap -Liverpool Rummy" with long-armed Uncle Glen? Actually, it was Mich that liked that game so much, but you always wanted to play "with no help", too!

Ah, childhood!

Don't cha luv it!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How fun! When is family game night, and can I come next week?

My kids have never played Clue, but we have Clue, Jr., and it's NOT the same. It's way too easy for my kids and they've never been into it.

We usually end up playing a lot of games in the winter b/c we're inside so much! My personal (family-friendly) favorites are: A-Z Jr. by Discovery Toys, Blokus (your strategy-lovin' kid would enjoy this one!), and Cadoo. Will got the electronic version of Life last spring and it's really, really fun, but a bit more advanced for your little ones.

Awww...now I wish I could sit around and play games all day!

buscher3 said...

Hmm...guess the candlestick and revolver just doesn't do murder justice anymore. People have found better ways of killing someone. Wow..what am I saying?