Boys Everywhere

Kirk and I are used to being asked crazy things like, "Are all these boys are yours?" or "All boys?" And we very politely answer, "Yes, Ma'am," and then sort of snicker to each other over people's look of shock and awe. We still can't figure out why we are such an novelty, but whatever.

Well, this weekend, I entered into the crazy, crazy world of not 3 boys, not 4 boys, not even 5 or 6 boys...but, 7 boys. Yes, I said 7 boys. And the oldest one was 8. HA!

My very good friend and college roommate, Rachel, was in town for Tiger Tunes (a fun, fun show that our almamater, Ouachita, puts on each year at Homecoming). She and her husband were going to the show and needed somewhere for their kids to stay. I gladly agreed to keep the babies for her. Oh, how many does she have? You guessed it....4. All boys. Go figure. What are the odds? Her oldest son, E, is 6. She also has A, who is 4; J, who is 2; and N, who just turned 1. So, mix those with my 3 monkeys, and all that you are left with is a circus sideshow fit to charge an entrance fee to observe.

We met them at TaMolly's last night to eat before Tunes....that was an event in itself! After dinner and after the rigmarole of moving car seats and suitcases, Matt and Rach were off, and Kirk and I were left with all the kiddos to bring home.

The fun started before we even opened the front door, because Ozzie (our 3 legged dog) was so excited to see extra little people, that he went berserk. J and A were rescued, but I think we might have traumatized them for life. Yikes.

We managed to get in the house and then the fun really began. My what-was-clean house was soon a pool of dinosaurs, light sabers, and and dress-up costumes. The Wii was going and footballs were whizzing across the room......nothing but massive fun.

After convincing them (around 10:00) that it really was time for bed, we managed to wrangle jammies on everyone and get everyone's toothies brushed. We laid them all down in the living room in front of a movie (we call those "slumber parties" at my house) -- everyone with their own blankies, pillows, and sleeping bags. We lined all 6 of the bigger boys up like little crayons in a box.....so cute. Darn it, where was my camera? Oh, never mind, I couldn't have taken a picture anyway, because I was wrestling N (the baby). I guess he thought Mrs. Amber's house was way fun, because he was not wanting any part of the slumber party. I finally took him in the other room, shut the lights off, and rocked and sang him to sleep. Bless his heart, I probably scared him to sleep!

The boys were fast asleep by the time Rach and Matt got home from Tunes. Kirk and I were tired, but we had so much fun. I almost felt like I knew what grandparents mean when they say, "We love to have the kids, because we can send them back home!"

I used to be convinced that adding a couple of more kids to the mix was no big deal....what's one more when you already are keeping up with 3. I have new found appreciation for mamas of big families. They have it all the time. And it wasn't that they were bad....completely the opposite....they were amazingly good. It is just so much going on all at once -- CRAZY!!!!!!

I had a blast though....snuggling with J and N, giggling at E and A, and laughing out loud when Tate told me that he now wants us to have a little baby (but only if can be just like N). The joke was us having a baby....not a chance, buddy!

7 boys.......so much fun that I need a nap!!!! :)


Mich said...

Fun! wow! I am in awe! That is even more kids than when we get together!

Glad you had a great time!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You are an amazing friend to watch 7 boys! Hope your friend enjoyed Tiger Tunes. I just realized that I could have watched it online last night...wish I had known that LAST NIGHT instead of this morning! Oh well...

Mich said...

In answer to your question... Kevin shot the deer, but Jordan was right there with him. He was very excited!

Have you recovered from your weekend?